Best ever chocolate zucchini loaf

Okay, so I really detest recipes that claim to be the “best ever” of something. But honestly, this loaf turned out so well that to me, it’s definitely the loaf that I have ever made. It turned out super moist, and after two days, it’s almost all gone. I’ve eaten it for breakfast as it’s pretty low in calories and it’s just super tasty.

What makes this loaf healthy is that I added ingredients like quick oats (loads of fibre, iron and protein) and used almond milk instead of dairy. If you wanted to make an even healthier version, then you could use dark chocolate or dark cocoa powder and honey instead of white sugar. That’s the great thing about these loaves is they are super versatile.

The oven preheated while I put together the batter. I took longer than usual as I wanted to follow an exact recipe. I measured everything out for this one. I used a combination of zucchini loaf recipes that I had found on YouTube and just added my own flair with the oats – though I’m not claiming this to be a new discovery. It’s just new for me.

And hey, let me know what you think of my new recipe cards. You can download them or print them off. I put a lot of work into these and will be using a similar format going forward. Please do not copy it – I put a lot of thought and work into this 🙂 The card has been added as a png file – I do have a PDF version and am trying to figure out how to add these to a post!

Note: some people suggest to squeeze the water out of the zucchini as it is very watery. I opted out of this and the loaf turned out fine.

Chocolate Zucchini Loaf

Or download as a PDF file here.

Chocolate Zucchini Loaf

Even your kids will love this

I would 10/10 make this again. It feels wrong to eat chocolate for breakfast, but honestly, it tastes so good. I think next time I might make it without chocolate and just the chocolate chips. The loaf tastes more like a cupcake so you could split the batter up and use a cupcake or muffin tin for baking.

The loaf was done at the 45 minute mark for me, though I probably could have taken it out at the 40 minutes mark. Use your own judgement when it comes to baking time. It will depend of course on what kind of oven you’re using.

Eat on its own or pair it with… ah – who am I kidding? This loaf is amazing on its own. Your kids will love it too. You don’t even have to tell them there is zucchini in it!

Love this recipe? Then check back for more – I’ll be reworking some older recipes and adding recipe cards and other fun tools for you to use. I love fall cooking and baking, don’t you?

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