My Favorite Fall Recipes

Hello readers! I decided to take the easy way out today and share some of my most popular and favorite fall recipes for you today. I adore fall cooking and have finally picked out a slow cooker to order from Amazon. It should get here tomorrow. As I get back into slow cooking – making soups and stews, I’ll share recipes with you. Fall is also the perfect time for casseroles and other hot meals. So, I’m excited to get back into cooking healthy meals.

I’ve still been eating healthy the past few weeks, I just haven’t done a whole lot of cooking. I’ve been experiencing a bad flareup with the hypermobility and that can make it challenging for spending time in the kitchen. Meal prep has been whatever I have in my fridge and then leftovers the next day.

I did some baking the other night though and disappointingly, the recipes did not pan out well. Pun intended. I’ll have to revisit my pumpkin spice loaf. It came out dry. And the apple oatmeal loaf had no taste at all. I will not be sharing those recipes – not until I perfect them.

Favorite Soups

My recipe for the creamy asparagus soup is still the most popular of all my soup recipes. It’s still getting likes today. This soup is something I make when I’m thinking of my mum. She used to make this soup when I was a kid for family dinners. I remember her standing over the tall soup pot with her heels on (she was only 4’8″) and cussing (Damn or blast it) when the soup would boil over.

It’s funny the things you miss as you age and after you’ve lost a parent. Food is all about comfort for me and memories of my childhood.

You can’t go wrong with a classic chicken noodle soup. I just realized I had these photos linked to my old instagram account. I’m either going to have to create a new instagram account and share these photos with you, or go through my saved photos and update the posts. I may just repost the recipes again this fall as I get back into cooking.

Don’t bother with the instagram link. It’s a dead url. But this is one of my more popular recipes too.

Favorite Stews

You really can’t go wrong with a traditional beef or Irish stew. This is on my list of things to make in the next week. M bi-monthly grocery order is already full ingredients like carrots, celery and potatoes which are staples for every good stew. Again, the instagram links are dead. I thought I had removed all the posts with links. Something to work on this week!

My pork stew is also pretty good and I did this one last Christmas season. I’ll have to make this again and share new photos. There are so many great stew ideas out there it’s hard to even know what to make. This recipe was a mix between a stew and casserole. But it was delicious.

Favorite hot meals

It’s hard to limit myself to two favorite hot meals here. Casseroles are one of the easiest meals to prepare and they are so good. There’s no better feeling than taking a fully baked casserole out of the oven, letting your kitchen fill up with the wonderful aromas of the freshly baked casserole. And then dipping your serving spoon in for that first scoop. I think I know what I’m making tonight…perhaps a pasta and mushroom casserole to use up my leftovers.

A ham and broccoli casserole is often a crowd pleaser at family potluck dinners or when friends come over to dine. I love making these casseroles with a box of stuffing mix and then topping them off with breadcrumbs. That’s what I did with this casserole and it was divine. If you’re not a fan of ham, you can also make this with chicken.

Meatloaf is another comfort food kind of meal. It was one of the first recipes I learned to make as a teen living at home with my parents. This meatloaf is fairly simple, but sometimes I’ll toss in vegetables like mushrooms, celery and carrots to make it a fuller meal.

I haven’t made meatloaf in so long. I think this week I will have to try this recipe again and pair it with a side of mashed sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables. My mouth is watering already.

Food and Drinks

And there you have it – those are my top choices for soups, stews and hot meals. I need to update my food page as it’s missing a lot of my newer recipes. I’m still trying to figure out a good way to organize them all. What I have done is tagged all my recipes with categories such as food or recipes. This way, you can use the search bar to the right of this post – top of the right side of the page – and you can search ingredients that you love to use.

I’ll work on getting these recipes organized. I’d also like to place recipes on digital recipe cards – but I’m getting rid of the business plan on wordpress at the end of the year, and won’t have access to plugins. What I might have to do is sign up for All Recipes again and share these wonderful creations there.

Lots to think about over the next while!

One tip I can give you is that meal planning – before you do your grocery shopping – can definitely help cut down time spent in the kitchen. I love using Instant Cart now because there are recipes you can check out and they give me a lot of great ideas for new recipes. I also subscribe to quite a few YouTube channels that focus on food and healthy eating. I’m hoping to try more recipes from those channel recommendations.

So fellow readers, stay tuned. Lots of changes coming and I hope, everything works out! Sometimes I make too many promises or plans and find it hard to keep up with them. Or I find a better way to do things later on. But I do absolutely promise to share more recipes throughout the fall and winter months.

Have you tried one of my recipes? If so, let me know in the comments!

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