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Today has been a great day. I know I said I would be cutting down on the daily diary posts – but sometimes, when mood strikes, you just have to share your thoughts and what’s on your mind. It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend.

And the main thought that I have right now is: I am truly blessed to have good people in my life. I’m so glad we’re able to see each other, give hugs, and be there for each other when needed.

We’re finally getting some rain today which is a blessing but it’s also really humid. The church that I play for is really old, the building was built in 1924. There are fans, but when it’s humid and wet outside, the wood often gets really damp and it creates humidity inside. When the house is packed, it creates this heat. And an energy that is like no other.

Yesterday, we had a funeral at the church which I played for. Funerals are part of the job as a church organist. I’ve played for so many funerals, that it’s just second nature to me. Most of the time, I can be professional and not let my emotions get in the way. But when it’s someone I know, or a regular at the church, it’s really hard to keep it together.

It was one of those days yesterday. Ellen was one of those special people. She was 93 when she died and she had a good life. The turnout was huge – about 75 people which is good for our little church. It seats about 100 at most. Any more than that, and it gets dangerous – and hot.

I got emotional as Ellen’s kids, who are in their 50’s now with their own grandchildren, gave the eulogies. I love this part of funerals though. I get to know these friends a little better. I’ve made so many great friends over the last sixteen years as the organist. I’ve met their sons, daughters, and played the organ while their grandbabies were baptized. I’ve played for their weddings, and then later in life, the funerals of loved ones.

I remember one weekend a few years back, I had witnessed all walks of life in one weekend. We had a funeral on the Friday, a day of prayer and worship on the Saturday – it was a cultural celebration with other churches. And then we finished the weekend with a baptism on the Sunday. Other than hospice care workers or medical professionals, who else can say they see all stages of life in one weekend?

During the funeral yesterday, I was reminded of why I love music and playing for the church. The family stood up while singing – a thing that happens in United churches. All 75 people stood up and sang along with the organ music. When that happens, I feel the energy, the warmth, the grieving, but most of all – the love.

It’s one of the most powerful and amazing feelings in this world. Being an empath, this can be incredibly over whelming. And yet, for most of the funeral, I knew that Ellen was there with us – smiling with appreciation as I played Day by Day, which was a hymn she loved to sing.

Today we had a regular service and so many people were there again. It was great to see familiar faces. I had a chat with Daniel who is going to be my cover off for the rest of the year. I’m still cutting back to 2 services a month. My fingers and shoulders are giving me a lot of grief. I explained it to him and showed him my fingers. As a classical musician, he understood it. He actually offered to get in touch with a colleague of his who is an occupational therapist that works with musicians. For that, I’m excited. Maybe I can get some help so I can continue with my music career. I’m so grateful that I have people like him in my life, through the church, that I can call up and ask for help when needed.

This makes me realize how lucky and blessed I really am. I know that not everyone has that kind of support system.

Community, love and music

I’m back at home now, enjoying the rain and cooler weather. I think it’s going to be a pizza kind of night tonight. Maybe do some baking later. I was up way too late last night painting and time slipped away from it.

As I was leaving the church, everyone stopped to say hi, give me a hug and catch up. I left the building feeling loved and am reminded why I continue to play the organ after sixteen years. Yes, it’s a huge commitment. But for me – it’s not about religion. It’s not even about the church.

For me – it’s the family, the community connection, the love – and more importantly, the music.

For now, I’m going to leave you with this beautiful playlist that I created. It’s called Autumn Acoustics and I love it. It’s a soft and mellow playlist, with autumn themed songs. If you’re looking for something relaxing to listen to – this list won’t disappoint you.

I’m working on a bunch of playlists and using TikTok to market them. Do make sure to follow me over there. I will be using the platform to share daily art projects and music videos. I’m using Canva to design the videos and it’s a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading, and sticking with me while I figure things out for this blog. It’s a continuous work in progress. And as life continues to grow and change, so do I. I’m so happy that I can share these experiences with you all.

Many blessings to you all.

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