Saturday morning coffee & art therapy

Yesterday was a pretty great day. I got a lot of marketing done and worked on my new TikTok music account. The more I browse the app, the more I realize how much marketing has changed for musicians. I’m learning as much as I can and am trying to put out new music videos either daily or every few days.

In the first week, I had nearly 900 views on every video. That’s slowed down. So, I’m trying to tailor all the videos to be 15 seconds long and have the format fairly consistent. I’m also trying to learn the most popular hashtags and when to post during the day. Marketing can be a full time job when you’re a solo person trying to get some side businesses going.

I have two new music releases coming out in the next few days. You can save them on Spotify or Itunes. Also please head over to TikTok if you’re a music fan, and follow me. I will follow back real accounts with content.

Weekends always go by so quickly

I saw my dad for a couple of hours and he was pretty good. He’s getting more quiet these days and mumbles which makes him harder to understand. But I love the man. I got there right as he finished dinner, we went back to his suite, chatted a bit, then he started getting sleepy. I turned on the tv and we watched the women’s junior game in which Canada beat Finland. Denmark didn’t do so well :(. And then I left him at 7, since visiting hours end early. I gave him a hug as I always do, a kiss on the forehead and told him I’d see him soon.

I came home, had some left over stew, worked out a bit, and later, sat outside. It was so cold outside for August and it was dark by 8:30 pm. So, I did the best thing you can do. I grabbed my blue fuzzy blanket, my candle and headed outside. The great thing about this weather – it’s way too cold for the bugs and bees.

I sat outside for almost an hour just watching the moon and the stars. I sat there contemplating on what I would do for winter out on the balcony – maybe I’ll take the fence down in November. Maybe I’ll get a space heater and make it even more cozy. I don’t know. I love the fence though. It gives me a sense of security and privacy. I hope no one complains about it. I did go outside the other night and saw that most of it is covered by the large poplar tree. You really have to look up purposely to even notice the fence. Even though I’m on the 3rd floor, my condo is pretty high up. And I love it.

Art Therapy

And then – after that, I came inside and started browsing Michael’s and Amazon for artwork to decorate my new home. I couldn’t really find anything that I liked in my budget range. So… noticed that Michael’s had a weekend sale. It was 2 for 1 for stretched artist canvases. Well, who can pass that up? I limited myself to $100 as I had a credit on my Paypal account from Amazon. So in reality, I only spent $50 on this order.

Not a bad haul. I got some good acryllic paints, watercolor brushes, some new art brushes, knives and best of all – envelopes. I have wanted to learn watercolor for SO long. Now I have all the supplies to make card art and start selling to my local community. Looks like I forgot my watercolor paints – so I’ll have to order those through Amazon.

But look at this haul! I’m so excited to get started.

Art Projects and Etsy

I will be using my Ipad to scan the images and will upload those onto Etsy as well. I am so pumped up for this. I also paid for same day delivery – and the guy just dropped it off. The cost is worth it when you don’t drive. About half the cost of getting into a cab and going there to pick it up!

I’ve been creating mostly digital art these days but have been getting frustrated at the lack of special effects that a mouse can do. I do have a tablet, but Corel Essentials is acting up and becoming very buggy. I swear they do this on purpose after a year or two to force you to upgrade their software. I think I’m going to go back to classic art for a while and will take some classes online.

That’s the great thing about community centres. You can always find some great classes locally or online.

It’s something to help fill the days. It gives me a renewed passion. Plus it’s like therapy. It is therapy. I always recommend people learn a craft when it comes to self-care.

If you want to learn how to paint, check out Wow Art on YouTube. I love their videos. I might start doing this myself once I get into watercolors. I’m going to spend the night watching painting videos to learn as many techniques as possible. Might even have to get into old Bob Ross videos again.

The great thing about art – you can hang it in your home for a fraction of the cost you would spend in a gallery. You can gift it to friends on their birthdays or at Christmas. And you can sell it – either at local flea markets, craft shows or ship through sites like Etsy. I think I might actually start doing this – but in Canada only. Shipping internationally is hard and expensive.


Funerals and music

I have a funeral this afternoon so I am sipping my coffee and will be heading out for the afternoon. I actually knew the person who died. She was an elderly lady, a semi-regular named Ellen. She had a great big smile and would always compliment my music. She was one of my biggest fans. I didn’t know her well. But I’m sad. Many of my church friends are in their 70’s and 80’s. I know this is part of life. But it doesn’t get any easier. I’ll miss her smile.

I’ve lost so many friends over the years. Some people touch your heart a little more than others. Ellen was one of those dear people.

And so, I’m going to sign off for the day. Finish my coffee. Learn some art. Spend time with friends this afternoon at the funeral. And then get cracking on some art projects.

To finish off this post, I’ll share a music video with you. The cover art was one I created myself using digital art.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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