Friday updates, marketing promos, & free art!

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to my newest readers and a hello to my long-time readers.

In follow up to my blog announcement the other day, I’ve made some great progress and have exciting things to share with you. Then I am taking the weekend off from blogging to digest all that has happened this week!

Blog Overhaul

I spent some time the other night revamping this entire blog. I’ve given it a more “website” sort of feel to it. And with fall coming up, I’ve gone back to my favorite color schemes. I just love the combination of soft creams, with pinks and browns. Don’t you?

Sadly, it looks like there have been some WordPress updates and my “legacy” widgets have been lost. I’m sad about this. I miss having the follow button at the top of the blog. This update also removed my stats and no longer shows how many people follow my blog. I’m working to fix this. If I can. And for some reason, my social media icons aren’t showing up — I’ll get that fixed too.


The great part of this redesign, is that instead of using an archive to read through my posts, you can select on categories you wish to browse instead. I went through all 400+ posts from 2019-2021, updated hashtags, and added relevant categories to them all. You can now search specifically for food posts, fitness, finance, etc. The list of categories is a work in progress and always will be as the years go on. My interests are always changing as life changes and so will this blog.

NEW read by categories!

Etsy Store

I’m taking a bit of a breather from designing Etsy products. I’m stuck. I’ve had very few sales and that’s okay. It’s still a hobby for now. There’s so much work to put into these digital products and that can take up a lot of time. I honestly think my passion is art and I have more fun doing those abstract pieces. For now, I’m going to just do what I enjoy and share pieces with you as they are finished. You can still shop for my digital items by clicking on the Shop tab on the top menu bar.

The stores are still open and you can head over to Etsy right now to check out some of my latest products which include digital journals, planners, and more.

Check out this new Fall Piece that I uploaded last week.

Free Giveaways!

I’ve decided about once a week or once a month, to give away free products. What the products are will depend on my mood or what I’m writing about. In an effort to grow my online presence, I’m hoping these freebies will help attract like-minded readers who I can connect with, learn with and we can help each other’s businesses grow.

I love art. It’s so relaxing. I can’t wait for my Ipad to get here. Apparently, it’s on backorder. I’m itching to install Procreate so I can just doodle or create products anywhere. Outside, in bed while watching a movie – or while on the road. If I ever travel again.

You will be able to download the products for FREE. That said, I’m still mulling over how to do this. Some giveaways may require a login, or to sign up for marketing emails. But — I’m still working the details out in my head.

Redbubble Designs

I worked hard this year on my RedBubble store and have zero sales. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the platform itself. I mostly use it because it is free. I’m not a fan of Woo Commerce at the moment. I’m still trying to find the best host for my products. I would love to be able to design and sell fabrics full time. I love the pillows – but especially love the coffee mug designs too. I’m debating on whether to sell more mugs on Etsy – but it’s so costly. Shipping globally is a pain too. Decisions, decisions. Head on over to RedBubble – check out my affordable and unique home decor items.

Social Media

In between sleeping all day yesterday (another migraine), I decided to create social media profiles for this blog. I’ve been using TikTok under a fake username, but decided to delete some videos and will be using TikTok for things like recipes, and art projects to share with you. I’m loving the platform. Though I have to admit, it’s very addicting. I’m also now on Twitter and Pinterest. Once I figure out how to add icons to the site, you’ll be able to follow me very easily. Something has changed with wordpress since their last update, and all my legacy widgets have disappeared – which makes me sad!

Also, I hate my user name but TikTok only lets you change it monthly.

Today’s Free Give Away

And for today’s free giveaway, I’m offering this art print for a limited time. You can download it, save it to your device and print for home use. This item is NOT to be used for commercial purposes. The watermark stays – it’s too easy for people to steal the work of others!

If you do download it, make sure to tag me on Pinterest or Twitter and share with the world!

Click on this link to download the piece.

For personal use only – jenwenart /

Thank You!

Thank you so much for continuing to support this blog as I embark on this new chapter in life. Life is always changing. If you don’t change and adapt with it, then you’ll just get left behind.

Happy Friday and enjoy a restful weekend.

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