Searching for the perfect quilt – bedroom makeover

It’s Tuesday night as I write this but you’ll read it Wednesday morning depending on where you are in the world. I’m still working on a new blogging schedule – but don’t hold me to that. Sometimes I just because I feel like it.

I got the brilliant idea this past week to finally redecorate my condo. I think the living room is mostly done. I have a couple of things coming in from Amazon this week so I can move my computer desk around to a different spot. I’m trying to make my living room “homey.” I’m also trying to make room for a small sofa. It’s something I’ve been fixated on since I moved in here.

My living room is a work in progress. The kitchen is almost done. I just need to tidy it up.

But the one room I’m struggling with is my bedroom. I just can’t decide on what to do for textiles, or even colors.

I think part of the problem is the room itself is partially outdated with very 2004ish paint on the closet doors and original grey carpet that’s in okay shape. The blinds are off white and the walls are a cream color. They’re in rough shape. The previous tenants really made a mess of them and tried to patch them up. Eventually, the owner will repaint everything.

For now, I’m looking for creative ideas to brighten up the room. I’m thinking maybe a nice tapestry to cover the one wall without a vent. I’d also like a small tv in the room so I can watch movies.

This gorgeous piece is on my Amazon wish list. I love this theme.

Bedroom inspiration

As you can see, the bedroom needs a lot of work. The bed was given to me by my sister for free. It’s still in decent shape even if it’s not the most comfortable. It’s mostly a cost saver for me at the moment.

The carpets are a grey sort of color that is a dark contrast compared to the cream walls. The blinds are white which are easy to match with. I have an Ikea dresser and matching desk next to it that are made of oak veneer. The table next to the bed needs to be repainted. And the black end table is heading to the recycle bin.

The curtains are a temporary measure to block out the heat and sun for summer months. I do want something more permanent for blackout curtains, but all in due time.

So, the question is – what to do with this bed?

Winter is coming in a few months but for now, the weather is still unusually warm and will be for a few weeks. I need new bedsheets desperately. I think I’ll head to Walmart since we don’t have a Target here. And lordy, do I miss Zellers for these things.

Here’s what the wall colors look like at night. The bed is an off white color that matches the blinds and Ikea furniture quite nicely.

The walls are bare. I think some artwork would brighten things up. I do love my Ikea lamp too. I will have to take a daytime picture for you. The lampshade on the ceiling is sort of a dark cream color and doesn’t do the room justice.

I’m obsessed with quilts

My latest fixation is with quilts. First it was the Ipad which I finally ordered from Rogers – I won’t get that for another FIVE weeks! It’s on backorder.

So, since I need new bedsheets, I thought maybe I would shop around for a quilt. I’ve always wanted one.

The comforter I’m using now, I got from Zellers eons ago. It’s held up fairly well. I splurged on a $200 Wasmutta bed in a bad back in 2014 – and it started falling apart within two years. There’s no rhyme or reason when it comes to bedding.

But there are SO MANY options to choose from. Do I want plaid? Do I want stripes? Do I want old fashioned floral quilts? Or just a plain solid color?

They are definitely too expensive to buy more than one. Unless I visit Walmart this week. The other issue is color. Do I go for a bright bold color? Something neutral like taupe or beige? Cream? Ivory? Tan? The colors are endless.

There’s plenty of sea glass, aqua and blue quilts. But peach or dark green are a little harder to find. And so, the quest for the perfect quilt continues.

I think I’ve settled on Laura Ashley quilts like the one on the left. They are simply gorgeous.

What is it about quilts? My mother wasn’t a fan of them. She preferred floral comforters over anything else. I think that could be why I’m tired of floral. Maybe it’s that I associate quilts with family, or home. Or maybe it’s comforting. Quilts often are handmade and have a story behind them. I’d love to learn to make quilts one day – but it seems like a lot of work.

I adore the above quilt from Laura Ashley. The reviews seem genuine which is rare. The price is reasonable. Now I just need to find a matching plush blanket, and sheets. Maybe a nice sage green, or dusty rose pink. I can always grab my comforter on cold winter nights.

Bedsheets on the other hand. It’s so hard to know what to buy these days that won’t fall apart. I need to actually go to the store in person and pick something I like I think. I just haven’t felt up to it this week. I need those first as a priority.

I love this group of colors. It reminds me of the colors of the sea. Sage green, bright blues, matched against white or cream colors. Maybe I should with this one

Laura Ashley Quilts

Or maybe I should go for the classic but bold look with this coral toned quilt. Such a beautiful and amazing color.

There are just so many choices. How am I ever to decide and simply choose one?

Romanticizing quilts

Or maybe it was the beloved movie How to Make An American Quilt with Winona Ryder, that started my obsession with quilts. I don’t know why I’ve waited this long to look into getting one. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s adorable. Maybe slightly outdated. But it’s one of those heart warming romantic movies I told you I’d share with you.

Maybe it’s the thought that quilts are often thought of as a group or community effort. This film is a forgotten classic, and one I think I’ll have to watch when I get my new quilt.

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