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It’s second week of August already, and I have some important announcements about this blog. These are things I’ve been thinking about for a while now and turning around in my head. I love this blog. It’s my little space where I can write about all the things that pop into my busy little head. And while my comments section isn’t overly active, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my eyes. I’m still getting daily followers, likes and other engagement.

I love the community I’ve created. I have separate communities for different mediums. There’s a whole community on Twitter that I share these posts with and interact with daily. With all social media accounts combined, I think I’m close to 3,000 followers or subscribers. I share this blog on various platforms and get to chat with new people daily from around the world. I think that’s the best part of being a blogger or content creator. It’s the people you get to meet.

But with the good, comes the bad of hosting a blog or public profile. And it’s for that reason, that I’m making some important changes.

Blog revamp – again

I’m revamping this blog yet again. It’s with a heavy heart, that I have decided NOT to renew my premium package. I cannot justify the cost, given the lack of support WordPress has offered this year. I will be switching back to the business plan – mainly because I’m nearly at my storage capacity for media.


This post is not aimed at any particular person or event in my life. I’ve been thinking about these things for a while. I’m re-thinking what’s working and what isn’t.

Re-evaluating life decisions, and my blog

About twice a year, I sit back and have a good review of this blog. I look at posts that aren’t getting so many views. While other posts, are continuing to receive views daily. Some of them are approaching double digit views and that makes me so happy. I’m not a fan of “niche” blogs. That’s never been my style. I like to write about things or topics that make me FEEL something.

I’ve only been using WP since mid-2019. I’m quite new compared to a lot of my readers. I’m not new to blogging, just new to WP. I’m starting to get into the habit of pre-writing blog posts and using the scheduling feature more often.

Blogging started as a way to vent out my daily frustrations living with chronic illnesses. But I have come to a point in my healing and journey, that I want to focus on other things in life. I don’t want to whine about the weather or symptoms every day. I know some of you love my daily diary posts. But – I’m thinking it’s time to change things up a bit.

If it’s boring for me as a writer, then it must be boring for you as a reader.

And so, here are some important announcements if you’d like to continue to support this blog. I encourage engagement, but please remember – we all need to be kind to each other. All of us – including me.


Spiritual posts – retired

I tried spiritual posts for a few months but I think if anything, these are causing readers to drop like flies. I’m scraping that section from this blog. It’s still something that I want to pursue in my daily life, but perhaps this is the universe telling me to keep that side of myself private for now. You can still purchase my books over on my Shop page. This includes my dream journaling. Once I get my Ipad, I’ll be using an E-journal. Perhaps I’ll share that instead via my Shop. I will still celebrate the major holidays, and write special dedication posts about them. Because, why not? It’s fun.

Daily diary posts – weekly

I know, I have mixed feelings about this one too. I think it’s better to write a weekly mood post to summarize the week. But like I said, I want to write about other topics that inspire me. Focusing on my moods, only makes them worse at times. What’s the point if only a couple of people read them? I want to offer quality posts. It’s also getting really challenging coming up with unique titles for daily posts. So, daily diary moods posts will now be weekly summaries. Schedule to be determined.

Musically inspired – weekly or monthly

Music is still a part of my life, but I’m more of an active listener. I’ll be using this blog from time to time to share projects, or music that inspires me. I’m very much a “mood music” kind of person. I’ve already shared some playlists and will continue to do so – but on occasion. Maybe once a month or with my weekly mood posts.

Entertainment – tv shows, movies – occasional

I’m very much a homebody. I love binge watching shows and from time to time, may write a post if inspired by something I’m watching. I owe you all a list of romantic movies and will get back to that soon. These posts won’t be every day – just as thoughts come up while watching something great.

Types of shows that I watch include: Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Lucifer and Animal Kingdom. Older shows range from Buffy, Supernatural, Sex and the City, etc.

Self Help & Self Care – occasional

These are two topics that are very important to me. I’ll continue to use this blog to spread awareness around these topics. I welcome and encourage healthy discussions on how you manage your own self-care needs. Thoughts on toxic relationships are from personal experience in the workplace or in my personal life. They aren’t aimed at any one particular person. I usually draw from a few experiences.

Living Well – retired

Health/weight loss – monthly updates

Once fall is here, I’ll be getting more into cooking with the oven and back to sharing recipes weekly. The gym has reopened and I’ll be able to workout again. Fitness goals will be posted at the beginning of each month – and you will be updated at the end of each month. I’m retiring my Living Well series as I’ve posted what I know about my conditions.

  • Health/fitness – monthly goals and updates
  • Living well – retired
  • Food – when inspiration strikes

Career advice, employment, life skills, relationships and marketing tips – ongoing:

I often turn to Reddit groups for inspiration behind posts. I’m not one of those bloggers that only posts once a month. Maybe I post too much for some people – but to each their own.

Other topics I actively engage in discussions include – careers, marketing, travel and art. And of course, dating and past relationships. I often draw upon past relationships when giving advice to others in need.

I basically consider this blog to be an “organized lifestyle blog.” I have reorganized everything so there are categories and relevant tags. You can use the search bar function and find topics you are interested in. You can also use the tabs in the primary menu to find what you are looking for. These are updated about once a month with newer articles.

I want to keep this blog interesting and entertaining while sharing something people can learn from.

Do I need a Discord channel? Is that even worth it?


YES! I know. I need to get in touch with some of you. I’m looking at you @blacktealady. I’m looking for other bloggers to feature on this blog with similar interests. Let’s connect. I’d still love to do a podcast, but one step at a time.

Blog Goals – 1500 by Halloween

It’s a big leap from the 925 that I’m at now. I didn’t even think that was possible a few months ago but you have all surprised me. I’m so sorry to my email readers for often deleting or changing posts after the email has been sent. I wish I could turn that feature off.

And also — it’s been brought to my attention that I don’t return follows. I’m working on this for blogs that I am interested in reading. I ordered myself an Ipad, and once it’s here – I’ll be able to read your blogs from the comfort of my bed or balcony. That’s what has been stopping me. My phone sucks for reading.

And so, that’s it in a nutshell. I’m revising the headers, and overall look of the site. Bare with me on that.

Thanks for sticking with me. And onto 1500.


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