Rainy days and Mondays

It’s Monday afternoon and my day is just getting started. Yesterday was so hot and muggy with 91% humidity and cloudy skies, that my skin felt like it was literally melting. Today is a little better. It’s overcast and we have a good chance of rain. We still haven’t had rain since the last downpour we had a couple of weeks ago. For our location, this highly unusual. If this is how things will be from now on, I worry for our future.

The grass is dying everywhere. It’s brown. Plants and flowers that normally thrive this time of year, have turned brown and are losing their leaves fast. All the plants I bought for inside, even the aloe vera, have officially died. It got too hot. I’m going to wait until September and buy some fresh plants when the weather is cooler.

Summer is not my favorite time of year. I’d pick spring or fall over it. The nights are cooler and makes it easier to get a good sleep. In cooler or chilly weather, at least you can put a sweater on. And who doesn’t love soft and cushy sweaters. But this heat – it just makes me cranky. I think it’s more the humidity.

When I went to Montreal in 2017, the first day we toured the city by foot – it was 99% humidity. I think if the weather had been not so hot, I would have enjoyed the trip more. But part of it is my weight too. And that’s why I’m not flying anywhere this year. Well, that, and the pandemic. It’s a bit sketchy to hop on a plane right now.

I get into arguments with my family about my love for early winter compared to hot summer days. They all think I’m crazy anyway. Not everyone is built for the heat. I think if I had air conditioning, I might sing a different tune. But gawd. Okay, that’s enough whining for now. I’m praying for rain today. The flowers need it more than I do.

It’s hard to believe it’s already August. Where did this year go? It’s half over and that kind of blows my mind. What I am looking forward to doing soon, is hitting the gym here. It’s opened up and we can use it without masks. I’m waiting for the weather to get less hot. I don’t know if they have AC or not. But the gym is free. My plan is to go a few times a week until I feel like I’ve done enough to fit back into my swimsuit.

And by then, the pool down the road should be open again. It’s the reason I picked this area to live in. The free gym next door. The leisure centre just six blocks away. It’s walking distance for when I’m in better shape. I still have yet to explore all the trails and parks nearby. Hopefully we get a nice August and September that will allow me to do so.

Alberta. My friend Dakota and I went for dinner the other night and she said to me, “Alberta is extreme. It’s either really fricken hot or really fricken cold. Or windy. Or smoky. There’s no in between.”

She’s right. This summer has been weird for sure. Perhaps it’s because of the wildfires that are surrounding us that are impacting the weather. I don’t know. But this – this is why fall is my favorite time of year.

Plans for a productive day are delayed to not sleeping last night. I finally passed out around 5 am this morning. Not for lack of trying. I sat outside and it was still humid at 2 in the morning. I did a bit of cleaning last night in the kitchen. I need to get the bathrooms done and the floor washed.

I’m toying with the idea of hiring an independent cleaner for a while to do the bathrooms, windows and floors. The rest I can handle. Some days I just don’t have the energy to do it all.

I also have some vegetables in the fridge to use up so I think I’ll be making an asparagus soup. It’s so delicious. Or a quiche or casserole. Maybe I should hop on Youtube and look for recipes.

Welp, I think that’s it for today. I’m working on a few interesting articles for you and should have them uploaded early this week.

Happy Monday.

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