Monday thoughts: this is my happy place

Yesterday was such a perfect day that I didn’t want to ruin it by writing about it. The weather had finally cooled down to about 15C for most of the day and I loved it. People all over the city were complaining about the rain but honestly, I love the rain. And we needed it badly. There is still a heavy thick fog of smoke hovering over our city and I’ve been struggling to breathe. The grass is still brown in patches all over the city, plants and trees are dried out, and I’m worried for the famer’s crops in the fall. They are predicting food shortages that will impact our daily life.

But yesterday, I unplugged from it all and had a very quiet and reflective day. Even though I slept in too late, it was – one of my favorite days this year. For the first time in months, I felt relaxed and at peace. The crippling and shrill voice of anxiety in my head was silent. I no longer need to worry about money or whether or not I’ll get approved for benefits. Once I got that approval call, the anxiety about it was silenced for a little while. It means taking in less money per month, but at least I can pay my bills. And my cupboards and freezer are stocked up with healthy foods just in case.

I started off the day yesterday with a healthy but filling breakfast. I sat down at my computer and listened to an acoustic playlist – ALL day. Well, most of the day.

I took breaks in between to work on laundry and some cleaning. I organized my kitchen and pantry. I had taken care of most of the bedding the day before. There’s no better feeling than crawling into a fresh and cleanly made bed. This week, I’ll be picking up some new bedsheets finally. The queen sheets just do not fit on this smaller bed. Time to bite the bullet and shop.

One of the reasons I love cloudy and rainy days is that I don’t feel guilty for staying home and doing “nothing”. I got quite a bit accomplished. I even cooked a nice chicken pasta recipe that I’ll share with you this week. Then I got to making protein bars – which the recipe will be posted in a few minutes. I got all the dishes done. The dishwasher unloaded. And even vacuumed. And I even got the closet organized and all my clothes put away in the bedroom.

I can’t live in chaos. It stressed me out. I get obsessed with thinking about how much I have to do to get it organized. So when I do finally clean, it relaxes me that much more. I can focus on other things like art and music. I worked on both yesterday.

I decided that I’m also going to order a water coloring kit for beginners. Painting with water colors is something I’ve always wanted to learn. I’m also looking for a good scanner so that I can scan high quality images and sell them online. I thought the images would also be great for card art too. My Etsy store took a real nose dive and I haven’t had any sales in two months. Time to revamped the store and really get some products that will sale. It’s too bad shipping is so time consuming. It’s online delivery for me for now.

But yesterday, it was just the perfect day. Cooler weather which meant being more comfortable inside. I enjoyed listening to music all day. Something I haven’t done in a long time. It made me miss playing music and so, I’m going to get back into recording and finishing some products I had planned. Like music for TikTok. I started a new account and already have four followers. I’ve already gotten over 500 views on the videos I uploaded last night. I’m excited to create new styles of music and share it with others.

And so today, I’m back in my happy place. Enjoying the cool weather. It’s supposed to rain later which should help with the smoke. I’m eating my delicious protein bars for breakfast. I’ve got the acoustic music going on in the background which I will share with you too.

And for once, my anxious mind is a quiet mind today. Instead of being crippled with anxiety, it’s full of creative ideas and I feel good about them. Anyone else out there with anxiety, can you empathize with this? How do you cope on heavy anxiety days? Let me know in the comments.

For now, enjoy some acoustic music from some of my favorite indie artists.

Happy Monday, enjoy the day.

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