Dream recall: the teen witch

It’s Sunday afternoon and I legit just crawled out of bed. I originally woke up at 9:00 am and saw it was still raining outside. I thought it was a good morning to roll over and catch up on some sleep. I just literally woke up mid-dream. I actually remember most of my dreams from last night and wanted to get the important ones down before I forget them.

So today’s post, is all about dreams and astral travel. Though some people tend to think that dreams are us visiting ourselves in other realities or dimensions. Sometimes given what I dream about, I like that theory. I’m also smiling because my mother showed up in one of the dreams.

The Magic Shop

It wasn’t so much a cottage as it was a cute little apartment. I had just moved to a new location or perhaps I was on vacation. I’m not sure. But I was exploring the new building and saw that there were some restaurants across the street. I decided to get dressed and venture out. Kind of like where I’m living now – something I still haven’t done.

I made it across the street which seemed to grow longer when I came up to the corner and a parking lot materialized as I stood at the corner. I decided to walk in that direction. As I walked through the parking, I saw some boxes of samples and free giveaways. It was a box of jewelry, pendants and “witchy” like products. I looked up, and there was a store sign that was called Witchy Supply Surplus – or something to that effect. The name Witchy was in there.

I decided to wander into the building and treat myself to something new. Once I walked through the doors, there was a staircase. It led me to a tiny apartment where I met a young girl. She looked familiar. She had longer hair, pale skin, it was a mix of light red and auburn color. She had freckles on her face. She reminded me of a younger me almost.

We started chatted and she asked me what I was looking for. I said, “I’m looking for crystals, or maybe a new pendant to wear,” I said.

She asked me my birthstone, and suddenly this bowl full of crystals materialized onto her kitchen table. I followed her through her apartment as she showed me some of her Tarot cards, crystals and other little trinkets. It was like we knew each other. She was very welcoming and invited me in like that.

I stopped inside a little square room and noticed an acoustic piano. She said, “Oh and I play the piano!” I looked up and said, “Oh! I do too! I tinkered the keys as we moved onto the next room.”

We wound up in her living room and I found myself outside again. Then this is where the dream gets weird.

I loved the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch back in the 90’s and rewatched it a couple of years ago for fun. Pretty much any show that deals with magic, witches or supernatural stuff. Like Charmed, Buffy, Supernatural.

The Magical Family

I remember finding myself outside at a table. It was just a random table with items on display. Like maybe I was at a fair. It reminded me of a Pagan market fair that I had gone to many years ago to pick up a crystal ball. This dream was a quick one. I don’t remember much of it – but there was an evil sorcerer like in the new Sabrina show on Netflix. Which was enjoyable until the last season that was absolute rubbish.

I found a couple of diaries of a witch that had kept extensive details of her entire life. There was a picture of her in one of the books. She had long flowing black hair. And she looked familiar.

“It’s like Clarissa tells all, remember that show?” someone at the table said to me. “She’s left her entire life here for others to read,” this strange child said to me. “Come on, follow me, I have something to show you.” I looked down and it was a child, maybe ten or eleven years old.

I followed the boy and he led me to his family. I watched in the background. The whole family was magical and were casting spells. Moving things with their mind. And teasing each other. They all looked up at me at once. And the rest of that dream is a bit fuzzy now.

Then I found myself in another dream.

The Apartment

I was back in that apartment in the first dream and was trying to figure out how to move my furniture around. Much like this place. I still struggle with decoration. As I was trying to figure out what to do with my dad’s chair, there was a knock on the door. I thought it was my friend Montana. It wasn’t – it was my mom and dad.

They were both younger, in their 50’s like back in the 90’s. Mom had paint samples with her and they were arguing over what color would go on my walls. I kept pointing to the red chairs when my mother said green.

“Mom, I have your red chairs, see? Green won’t look good. Can we do something like silver grey?” I said and touched one of the blinds. The window blind magically turned to grey.

She touched one and it magically turned to the shade of green. I realized that I wasn’t in my apartment, we were at the family home and this may have been a glimpse into a real discussion my parents had.

“What about blue-green, like teal?” I suggested as a compromise.

“Okay, we can do that,” mom said as she looked right through me. She was talking to dad.

And that’s when I woke up in real life.

I’m sitting here trying to figure out what all just happened. Was this just a random dream? Or did I really remember an actual discussion that happened? Or did I travel to another dimension? I don’t know. No one really knows what dreams are or how they work.

But for just a moment, I got to see and talk to my mother. And so, today, the day seems a little brighter.

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