Karma and the law of attraction

It’s currently two in the morning as I sit down to write this. Once again, it’s too hot to sleep. My condo is a furnace. I’m sitting in my recliner at the computer with my personal AC unit blowing misty cool air on me. But it’s not enough. This summer has been too hot already and it’s only mid-July. I’m actually praying for summer to be over soon. Autumn is my favorite time of year anyway.

We had a freak lightning storm just a while ago. It was what they all dry lightening. I saw a huge flash of something come through my kitchen. I thought it was a power surge and that the kitchen light might have blown out. But I think the lightning was so bright might have caused a malfunction in the light? I don’t know. I’m guessing here. I turned it off and sat outside. I know, stupid to do during a lightning storm.

The odd thing is that the wind never really picked up. We got a few short spurts of rain for about ten minutes and the breeze that finally came – just blew around hot air. Usually if we get a good storm, the temperature drops 5-10 degrees. So, there’s that. It was weird. It’s supposed to be hot until the weekend. I’m not the praying kind, but I really hope we get rain.

Law of attraction – it really works

About a month ago, you may remember that I wrote a piece on the Law of Attraction. Since moving into my condo, I have experimented with a lot of new things in my life. Trying different methods of eating for weight loss. Getting more and more into spiritual practices like deep meditations. I’m still working on that – I find it hard to shut off the outside world and all my intrusive thoughts long enough to successfully picture myself somewhere else.

But – around that time I started experimenting with affirmations and manifestations. I never really bought into the whole Law of Attraction thing. What changed my mind? I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, and some of my favorite artists use this method for meditation. And I thought, you know what? What could it hurt?

About four weeks ago, I started repeating my mantras or chants every night until the thoughts were embedded into my brain. At that point, you don’t even have to think about them anymore. They’re just automatically there. I can actually hear a voice that sounds like my voice in the back of my head – repeating these words now as I type this.

This is also called brain entrainment which I described in detail in my book – Dream Speak.

For this month, I had two main asks from the universe.

To get approved for long-term disability. And to be able to see my dad in his room so we can visit. For however many days he has left.

And the miraculous thing?

I got good news calls on both items today.

I was approved for long-term disability. The rep and I had a long talk and she said, “honestly, you should be back on wcb. They shouldn’t have terminated your case. You should appeal. We’ll still pay you for disability, but they’ll give you more money than we can. And they’ll pay for your therapy.”

I was absolutely floored. And the best part? I don’t have to pay back medical EI. They can just start benefits when my EI runs out. It means a little less money than EI, but I will have enough money to pay the basics. And that’s all I need for now. It buys me time until I can get into see a neurologist. And gives me lots of time to lose weight.

What a sigh of relief.

Then not even an hour later, my sister sends us the good news. We’re all allowed back in my dad’s room – which I haven’t even been in since he moved into the new residence. Amazing. I can visit whenever I want, for how long I want. So, I’ll probably go tomorrow or Friday.

And then we got that rain today. So, that’s three amazing things I had happen today.

Now I’m left wondering – was this the law of attraction at work? Was I able to reprogram my brain temporarily to achieve my goals? Or did my luck turn around and finally I got something in my favor? Maybe it’s been my change in attitude and wanting to help others. You know, the whole what you put out into the universe comes back at you.

It’s the basic rule of Christianity in a nutshell. “Do unto others”

And even in Wicca, “what you put out there, comes back at you times three”

And I’m sure there are many other religions and practices that follow the same belief.

Karma is real

I believe in karma. I believe that if you put out negative energy and accuse others of being negative (when they’re just setting boundaries), then that karma is going to come back at you three-fold. If you’re generally a negative person, then you’ll see others as negative. That’s just the way life goes.

That’s why I use this blog to share my learnings as information with others. Not only to connect me with like-minded people around the globe, but also to spread awareness about certain topics. If I ask a question at the end of my blog post, for example, it’s not me asking for advice. I’m simply asking for engagement. I love reading your comments and feedback. But I have a hard rule for this blog and my personal space.

If you go to people’s blogs to pick apart their beliefs, then ask yourself – why are you doing this? What do you hope to achieve? Why are so unhappy with what others believe in? And why are you quick to label that person as negative, when they simply disagree with you?

Karma people. The law of attraction.

What you put out there – comes back at you. And if you’re constantly picking apart other people and their beliefs, eventually that energy is going to come your way. I don’t do this to others. I don’t openly mock others for trying new things. And I definitely don’t call other people negative, just because we don’t see eye to eye on an issue.

What I ask of you instead, (a general you to readers), is to take a pause for self-reflect.

Before accusing someone of being negative or picking apart their belief system (I see this a lot on social media), then take a step back. Re-evaluate the situation. Re-read the post or blog again. If you find yourself starting to write out a snippy comeback or if you start to pick someone’s beliefs apart — then stop. Do this first.

Ask yourself why do you treat others like this? What do you get out of picking apart someone’s belief system? Are you really trying to help them? Or is there something in their post that may have triggered something deep inside of you? Are you projecting your fears and insecurities onto others? If so, then perhaps take this time to reflect on what those might be.

Step away from the computer. Put down your phone. Find a quiet space and meditate on these thoughts.

I am now a believer in the Law of Attraction. And I welcome like-minded individuals to follow my blog and share with me their successes with meditations and manifestations. If you’re wanting to try this yourself – then check out this video by Brian Scott. I’ve used a lot of his meditations and find what he has to say really interesting.

I’m not the same person I was when most of my readers started following this blog in 2019. Through spiritual practices and trying new things, I’ve changed. I’ve grown. And now I’m here to share that all with you.

Thank you

And thank you so much to my new followers. I encourage you all to leave comments, and share ideas. But please, keep it respectful. Know that what works for me, may not work for you – and that’s 100% okay.

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