What is happening to the world?

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m sitting here with my first cup of coffee. I know I’ve already posted an article, but I have a lot more I want to say today. So, get comfortable. This is the byproduct of being at home alone so much.

Yesterday was an odd day. The weather was warm and reached up to 28C by 2:00 pm in the afternoon. I sat outside for a good bit to get my shot of natural vitamin D. I find this is a great mood booster. My condo was cool and comfortable for most of the day. That is, until 9:00 pm – when the weather actually increased to almost 30C. Like, what?

Usually, after the sun goes down, the weather tends to get cooler here. But the breeze had died down and by 10:00 pm, I was sweltering. Absolutely sweating everywhere. To give you a picture, I put on some clothes – pj pants and a t-shirt to take out the garbage. My armpits were drenched in sweat from the humidity by the time I walked back into the building and took the elevator upstairs. It was in a word, gross.

I wound up sitting outside again for much longer than usual. I was out there from 9:30 pm to about 11:00 pm. It still hadn’t cooled down in here. Even with all the windows shut, curtains and blinds drawn. I had all my fans going last night too.

I tried going to bed around 1 in the morning and could not get comfortable. I hate my new bed. Hate it. I was close to falling asleep around 3 am. But then something absolutely bizarre happened.

At exactly 3:33 am, I bolted up in bed. It was like someone had whispered my name or touched me. I don’t know. I looked up at the window to see what time of day it was. It looked like there was sun already peaking through the blinds. Nope. Still dark — but there was light coming through the clouds already?

Out of sheer madness from the heat, I went OUTSIDE in my nightie. I had enough. I grabbed a small blanket and pillow and tried to sleep outside. I’ve never done this. Usually I put on real clothes if I sit out there because of the strip mall. There’s not many people around that time of night – but people can still look up if they want to.

And it was weirdness outside. It was still very much night time – but you could see the sky was starting to get light. I could only see one planet – Venus. I couldn’t see the moon. There were no satellites. No stars. I didn’t even see the chopper that’s usually flying around. There was a haze in the sky yesterday, even though we weren’t given any air quality warnings. And not only that, but it was dead silent at 3:33 am.

There was no wind. No breeze. No sounds of nature. It was absolutely silent.

Today, there’s another heat warning. We’re going to reach 35C with the humidity. That’s just gross. I’m trying to keep the place cool. I haven’t wandered outside yet but I will this afternoon.

All I know is that the weather this year – is weird. We still haven’t had any rain and all the grass here is brown. Even some of the trees are dying and drying out. My flowers are still hanging on – but all of my indoor plants are dead. The only one still standing is the aloe vera which will grow anywhere.

I made the mistake of hopping onto youtube to check today’s world events. Holy shit my friends. You all doing okay? I mean, really? What’s going on out there?

Riots and looting in Africa. People are tired of living in poverty and fighting against capitalism.

Riots in Brazil protesting against their corrupt political system.

Massive hurricanes and storms flooding parts of the east coast like NYC – their subway system is toast. Massive flooding, tornadoes, and hail storms in parts of the world that don’t usually get those kinds of storms.

Raging wildfires on the pacific west coast from the heat.

Larger than life asteroids heading towards earth — like hasn’t anyone seen the Bruce Willis movie?

And now of course, aliens. I watched the UFO disclosure the other night – a two hour long show with Josh Gates. Even NASA officials, government officials are saying, “It’s likely aliens.” That’s right. They’re finally admitting to And they have been visiting the planet for thousands of years.

NASA never gives us the full truth. They’re only telling us what we want to hear for now.

And there are still people that deny this fact. Which I find mind boggling.

I don’t know. It’s like shit is hitting the fan and people are finally fed up with government corruption and living in poverty. I’m one of those people too. But — if anything does happen, I’m going to stay indoors. Lock my doors and survive off the food I’ve been saving up for the last year.

This post isn’t to fear monger, but more to say, what in the world is going on? It truly feels like the end of times.

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