Dream Speak – where the dead things are

It’s been a weird morning already and I’ve only been up for about thirty minutes or so. Yesterday was a really rough day with pains from PCOS. I won’t go into detail. Fellow sufferers know what I’m talking about. I’ve been trying to survive it without the use of strong pain medications but I’m to the point that I just can’t. I need the pain meds to take care of it.

And I’m a happy and semi-stoned camper right now as I just got a delivery from my medicine shoppe. One reason I was glad to choose this area. I live just minutes away from them now and they happily deliver my prescriptions for free.

But here’s the weird thing. They usually start deliveries after noon. Something told me to get out of bed around 10:20. I finished off my morning routine, went to put some pants on and the phone rang. It was the delivery person. I love having an intercom through my phone because it means I don’t even have be “awake” to meet people. I can just meet them at my door or have them leave the prescription at my door.

I opened the door, walked away to get my prescription paper, and dude was standing at the door when I came back. Startled me for a minute. But it’s all good. I have drugs and I’m happy. No pain currently. The worst part of this all is running to the bathroom with dire cramps every hour on the hour. That’s definitely the worst.


The real interesting thing I wanted to tell you about was a dream I had last night. It was so bizarre. I’m trying to figure out what happened and what it all means. I definitely travelled somewhere last night I wasn’t supposed to.

The dream started off with me in a car with my former boss who died in May. She was sitting beside me. In the car, were two big guys that I worked with. Jason and Mackenzie. They’re still at the job. I still keep in touch with Mackenzie on Instagram and one other female friend that I really liked working with.

We pulled up to this large house that looked like an old hotel. I said, “hey, do you guys want to see this place? My dad’s been trying to sell it and it’s haunted,” I said.

Momentarily forgetting in the dream that my dad had already sold the home. I realized this about ten minutes into the walk through of the house. Remember those recurring nightmares I keep having about his house? Well, this one was even wilder.

We were wandering around the kitchen when I started noticing strange energy in the room. The tour was going fine. Everyone was remarking about how nice and big the house was and why didn’t anyone live there anymore. I kept telling them, “Because it’s full of spirit activity, be careful.”

Harriet stayed by my side for most of the dream. Though she was quiet and mostly observing everything. I found that odd, Harriet was always so talkative and had something to say about everything. This was my first dream about her since her death.

Not long into the tour, something happened. The boys started acting strangely like they had become possessed. “Wanna have some fun?” they said. They went to different rooms and started tearing things apart. Older couches, leather chairs. They pulled out one leather chair which they had spray painted a symbol on it. And I can’t remember what the symbol was now – it was probably an important message.

I remember yelling and screaming at them, begging them to stop and that we would get caught. I could hear voices at the door and was like, “Oh my god, the house has been bought! The new owners are here! We have to leave!” I tried pulling on Harriet’s arm but she was gone.

Before I knew it, there were voices and spirits of people all around us. They were everywhere. All shapes, sizes, colors. Some walked around like they couldn’t see us. While others just stared at us and watched what we were doing. I was shaking, crying, upset at everything going on.

The next thing I know, we’re all in this basement. Like a medical or washing room almost. It was large, and decorated with white paint and white tiles all over the floor. There were drains around the edges of the room, a large drain in the middle. And metal tables in the room.

“Do you know what this is?” Harriet asked me as she appeared next to me.

I shook my head and jumped. She touched my arm and her head felt cold.

“This is where they inspect the bodies,” she said. “This is where they kept us,” she said.

At that point, a large man with a blue face came crashing into the room and I said to Harriet, “we’ve got to go. Leave the boys, we’ve got to get out of here,” I said.

She shook her head at me and said no. “Come on, let’s go.”

“This is where I belong now,” she said. “Go, go home. Wake up.”

I ran out of the basement and into a garden which was surrounded by a dark iron fence. I managed to climb through a part of it, only to get stuck in a flower bed. I could hear the blue man growling at me from behind. He was close. So close. I just crouched on the ground and covered my ears and let out a loud piercing cry.

“Go, wake up,” Harriet whispered into my ear.

And that’s when I woke up in my bed, safe and sound.

The more dreams I have like this, the more I’m convinced that we are all connected. The living. The dead. I believe Harriet found her way to me last night to show me something.

But for the love of…. next time I suggest we go on a “house tour because it’s notoriously haunted” just yank me back to reality and remind me of this nightmare.

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