Saturday morning bagel and some rain

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve just sat down with my first cup of coffee – a real cup of coffee – and my breakfast. We finally had a break from the heat wave and got a wicked rain storm last night. I sat outside for the whole thing and it was wild to witness from up here.

My sister keeps laughing at me when I tell her these things. She lives out in ‘the burbs’ and tells me, “Well, you’re not downtown anymore. You’re out in the open. Things are different in your end of town. You’re surrounded by actual nature. Not buildings.”

It’s such a different life here. We had animals downtown, but nothing like this.

As I was sitting on the balcony last night, trying to cool down – my condo is still a furnace – the birds and dogs all started going wild. A pigeon actually landed on my fence. I was looking at my phone. I looked up and went, “ahhh” – and the thing flew away. I hope it didn’t hurt himself. But he scared the crap out of me.

Moments later, a huge flock of gulls came out of nowhere. And then the magpies were at it. And moments later, the storm hit. It was pretty amazing to see. But sometimes I think nature hates me.

I’ve been outside meditating every night and trying to get more grounded and connect to the earth. Now that I am literally surrounded by nature. I mean, yes, there are stores and other buildings around. But I’ve never lived in an area like this. There are trees everywhere. Every street you turn on is covered with trees. I guess it’s because I live so close to the creek down on this end of town. There are also tons of parks and trails that I want to explore this summer. If my health and weather cooperate. I need the exercise. Maybe tonight if it’s cooler I can go for a walk.

I’m contemplating getting a cane for my left knee for long walks. I went for a short walk last week and my knee kept buckling. The arthritis has been quite bad and I need the knee replaced. I just want to wait a bit more. I can’t afford surgery or the time in bed for healing. Or the physio.

It’s supposed to be another hot one today but normal temperatures for this time of year. Plus 27C. Not 40 like it has been all week. It’s been super humid too which is just draining. I was so tired last night that I wound up crashing at midnight. I tried watching a movie and just wasn’t interested. These days, I seem to be more interested in listening to music or podcasts and just sitting in quiet contemplation.

I think the meditation is helping with the migraines too. I’ve had a few this week but they weren’t as bad as they have been. Or perhaps the heat was just too much to notice. I don’t know. For once, my skin doesn’t feel like it’s burning off my body and that’s a nice feeling. I’m not even exaggerating. I had THREE showers yesterday.

Fitness Update

So, it’s a new month which means I have to set new fitness goals. I’m going back to the very beginning. I’ll be placing a grocery order on Monday. I want to get back to healthy eating. The heat has made it too hot to cook – but there are other alternatives. I have lettuce in the fridge and have started eating salads again. I made a delicious crab meat salad yesterday. I can post the recipe if you’re interested.

I want to get back into things like wraps, or pitas. Something healthier than bagels and bread. I’m going to try and cut back on gluten products. Not cut them out – just cut back on them. That should help with the weight loss. The swelling is down now in my legs and I’ve dropped a couple of pounds.

Our gym is open again and the mask mandate has been lifted. I’m going to start booking it later in the month. I just can’t go when it’s brutally hot. It is the main reason I moved here and hardly anyone uses it. Maybe I can use the treadmills to build strength. It will also be nice have to in the winter time. It’s only a block away.

So, I think that’s it in a nutshell. Focusing more on meditation, health and trying to figure out what I can do for work if my benefits are denied. I’m not ready to return to work just yet. I need a “Cure” for my migraines. Or at least to figure out why I’m getting so many. That means a visit with a neuro. I do think it’s related to an auto-immune disorder. Take your pick at which one though.

Okay, I’m going to finish my breakfast. Start another load of laundry. The bedding is in now. And then I’m going to enjoy the weather.

The good news? I’ve spent more time outside at night time this month, than probably the last eight years of my life. It feels amazing to have a space that I can enjoy and watch the weather. I’ve really missed it.

How are you spending your weekend?

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