Heat Wave – Day 4 update

I think it’s day four. The days have been blending in together. Last night was the toughest night so far. It was so brutally hot inside that my skin was red and felt like it was burning. My face was hot to touch. I had a shower in the morning, put away my grocery delivery and was done for the day.

I hid out in my bedroom for a good three hours playing on my phone. I had two baths. I drank lots of water. I stayed by my fans which were blowing hot air over ice. I finally got fed up around 8 last night, and hung up some curtains in my bedroom and kitchen.

Thankfully, we had a break from the heat last night around 10:30 pm when a strong wind started coming through. I contemplated sleeping outside. I sat outside for an hour. Came back in, and played some games. But was still sweating badly – so I went back outside and stayed out there until 2:30 in the morning.

I rearranged my furniture out there so I could have some more privacy. I placed the sofa next to my balcony window which hides it from the neighbours upstairs. I strategically placed the other two lawn chairs to block the street view. And then the other wicker chairs block the side view as well. There’s a nice large and lush tree that blocks about 50% of the view from the east.

So, I curled up on the two seater chair with a blanket, pillow and listened to music until 2:30 am.

I also saw the strangest thing last night. I was deep in meditative state and looked up at the stars. I think it was Venus that was shining brightly not far from the moon. The moon was half shaped like a pear almost. The planet whatever it was – was shining brightly. There was another similar shape not far away. I should really look up what these planets are.

I closed my eyes and practiced some deep meditation for about 5 minutes with deep breathing exercises. I had asked my spirit guides to show me something in the sky. I’ve been seeing pattern numbers and signs all week long.

I opened my eyes, looked up and was amazed. For a split second, I saw a second planet not far from the first one. Same size. Same shape as the other one. It was in between the two planets I could already see. It shone brightly for a mere few seconds before fading.

I couldn’t believe it. I had never seen anything like that before. I tried the exercise a few more times but the object never came back.

There’s nothing more relaxing than going outside and staring at the stars when the rest of the world is quiet. The only thing distracting me is the bright lights from the strip mall. I need to figure out a way to block the lights from my view. I think what I can do is tape some wicker material to the chairs to extend their height. This will give a lot more privacy too.

That’s about it for today. I’m tired as all hell. I didn’t fall asleep until about four am. But thankfully, the condo cooled down a lot. It’s about 29C instead of 36C yesterday. The curtains while ugly looking, are definitely helping. And hopefully, we only have a few more days left of this heat.

I’m hoping for rain on Friday but we’ll see.

And as of tomorrow, life goes back to normal for most people as restrictions are lifted here. I don’t think anything really changes for me – except maybe less mask wearing. I still have to wear them for visits with dad though. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Time to retreat in my cool bedroom for a bit and get away from the hot computer!

How are you coping with the heat?

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  1. Dakota says:

    Quick dips in my “kiddie” pool are helping to make this heat tolerable. Of course, sleeping in the basement has come in pretty handy too.

  2. 36C ? Oh, you’re fine darling, it goes up to 47C here! I wrote about it in the previous posts, it’s crazy! But hey, you have your planets to cool off 🙂 That’s great. I was watching the big bright Moon several days ago, and sometimes I get overwhelmed by that feeling/awareness that we could actually see something that’s 300 000 miles (I think it’s that far) from our planet!

  3. Wendy says:

    It was up to 42 yesterday. This is definitely not normal for Alberta though.

  4. 😰😰😰 Do what’s in your power to stay well 🤍

  5. Wendy says:

    Nice! I left my tub filled most of the day and dipped in every few hours

  6. Wendy says:

    Yeah it has been brutal. The worst part is it’s just not cooling off at night time. So my condo has been at 30 degrees Celsius or higher can last week

  7. I know. Going through the same thing here 🙈

  8. Wendy says:

    Ooh the other planet or whatever it is peaked through again. So bizarre.

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