Heatwave Update – Day 3 feels like the start to every horror movie

It’s day three out of this never ending heatwave and things are getting real here. Like kind of really scary and it’s starting to feel like a horror movie.

There are now water restrictions throughout the city and province and we’re told to limit water usage. Luckily, I have several pitchers and a 4 litre bottle of distilled water I’ve been using for my AC unit.

There are power outages in parts of the city which are expected to last for a very long time. That is my worst fear. I’ve got three fans running now including the personal AC unit. And it’s still blazing hot in here. Although, not unbearable. I covered the kitchen window with foil and a blanket. Everything else is shut tight including curtains.

Someone made a post on Reddit this morning saying that going into the store was like walking into the scene of a horror movie. People were fighting over AC units and nearly mobbed an employee who came out to restock the aisles.

We’ve seen temperatures as high as 41C here which is about 100F. This is so unusual for this time of year. If this is global warming – then I fear for future summers. AC is a luxury many of us cannot afford.

I have a grocery delivery on its way so I will be stocked with healthy food. Lots of stores are out of ice so I’ve been making my own with the one ice tray I have. A shower this morning helped to cool me down – but if there are water restrictions, that could be my only chance today.

Only in Alberta can we go from -40C in the winter to +40C a few months later. It actually snowed last month. Remember that? When we complained about snow? I’ll never complain about the cold again. At least with cold weather, you can dress up or turn on a heater. A blanket and fuzzy socks usually do the trick. But with hot weather like this – it’s so hard to keep cool.

And so, I’ll keep you all updated as this heatwave continues on for the next couple of weeks. We’re seeing some high temperatures until at least Friday.

My advice to you:

  • Keep at least 4 litres of water on hand at all times because you never know “when” water might be restricted
  • Have some backup generators and lots of ice in the freezer in case the power goes out so at least your food will keep.
  • Keep some ice packs and a towel in the freezer – you can use these to help cool you down
  • Drink plenty of water – but don’t over drink either as that can make you feel bloated. Mix it up with water, juice and sometimes even 7up if you’re having a difficult time with nausea. Gingerale can help here too.

Anyway, that’s it for me. Groceries are here and I just unloaded everything into the fridge.

Stay cool everyone.

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