Monday moods and the heatwave continues

It’s Monday afternoon and I am posting for the first time in several days. I’ve had several posts started but just lose interest mid-way through and walk away from the computer. Part of it is due to heat – and maybe part of it is that sometimes you just need a break.

That and it’s a major heatwave right now which makes it hard to do much of anything. Our normal highs for this time of year is around 30C. Right now, it’s sitting at 30 but feels like 35C with the humidity. That’s just – too hot. Way too hot for June.

This weekend was a fairly busy one and it felt good to get back to some normalcy. Our family finally was able to get together for an outdoor dinner and “fun” time. We had a bbq’d roast, with all the trimmings and enjoyed some bean bag toss afterwards. The kids were all having a birthday party a few blocks away – by kids, I mean 16 to 22. They’re not exactly kids anymore and it was a small party with the cousins.

Sunday morning I was back at church and was nearly late. Uber took about 10 minutes to get to me. So next week, I’m going to have to leave a little earlier. But it was great to see a lot of familiar faces and get some hugs – which I’ve missed the most. I also made the hard decision of cutting back to two services a month starting in September. I’m looking forward to a bit of a break. I’ve been volunteering at the church since 2005. That’s the longest I’ve committed to anything really. If the pandemic taught me anything – it was that I needed to look after me, take a break from things, and maybe let other people have a chance at playing. The organ has never been my favorite instrument even after 16 years. But I’m still available for volunteering at weddings and funerals – now that things are opening up again.

Still waiting for a call about my benefits. I have another five weeks or so before I need to panic. I’ll follow up early next week. If they can’t find me a job that I can do from home, then I will have to consider other options. But it’s still a bit early for that. Fingers crossed that I can get disability benefits.

Luckily, the migraines have subsided this week and I’ve got a bit of a break. They’re not nearly as bad as they were earlier in the month.

I’m considering shutting down my Etsy stores. Sales have stopped completely. I’ve paid $28 this month for advertising and listing renewals and not one sale. It’s highly disappointing. I may have to rethink the store or open a second store and sell templates only. Considering how much work one puts into these listings – it’s just disappointing to see.

In other news, I’m almost at 900 followers! My goal is to hit 1,000 followers and readers by the end of July. And 5,000 by end of 2021. I know those are high goals, but I’m working hard on the blog and adding some different kinds of series for people to enjoy. So thank you to all my newest readers! I look forward to putting out new and interesting content for you. I have tons of articles saved in draft form that I need to buckle down and get finished.

The heatwave is really slowing things down right now. My fridge is empty. My laundry is piling up. My kitchen is a mess. The garbage needs to be taken out. But I just can’t get moving in this heat. Thankfully, inside the condo is bearable today.

The trick is to close all your windows and curtains in the morning. Like no later than 7 am. Unfortunately, I face the sun – so even though everything is closed up, some sun leaks through. I left the fans going all night long. My power bill is going to be gross next month.

But the real trick is this:

  • Pick two windows that are close together. Place one fan facing outside to push the hot air out.
  • Place one fan in window facing inwards.

Or you can buy a window unit – which our city is mostly sold out of those right now. I purchased a personal AC machine and it’s helping a little bit but only if you’re sitting right next to it. The other thing I’ve learned to do is drink a lot of cold water throughout the day or chilled tea.

You can also use ice packs, bean bags or cloths and place them in the freezer for a few hours. Then place them on your neck to help cool your body down. This works every time. A cool bath or just sitting in the tub for a while will help. You can do this during the hottest parts of the day which is usually about now. Between 12:00 and 3:00 pm in the afternoon.

I won’t be cooking any time soon but I might share some older recipes or repost them for new readers. Or you can head over to my food page to see which ones I’ve posted in the past. It’s hard to even think about turning on the oven. And tonight, is definitely going to be an ordering in kind of night. I can’t even get motivated to put away groceries.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to this past week/weekend.

Hopefully you’re being safe and managing to keep cool in this heat. I have another article in draft form with tips on how to stay cool without air conditioning. Though if temps continue to rise, I may have to look at this for the future.

Thanks for reading, have a great Monday – and please feel free to leave comments, like or share these posts!

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