There is no point to this post


It’s Wednesday afternoon and I’m in a “mood.” The weather is supposed to be a scorcher this week – like even more so than usual with reaching as high as 36C on Monday afternoon. When you live in a province that can get down to -50C in winter months – let’s just say that anything above 25C gets gross here. Or at least it does for me. My body does not do well in the heat and humidity.

I’ve been scouring Amazon and Home Depot for an affordable solution to living without air conditioning. I just can’t justify the cost when really, we only have about two months worth of this heat. Then we’re living in a deep freeze the rest of the year. I’m not spending $500 on an AC unit and then spending $150-200 on my electricity bill which is about average for what people pay for AC around here. AC is a luxury I simply can’t afford right now.

Sometimes I think I need a sugar daddy but I’m beginning to think they are a myth.

I woke up around 9:00 this morning but stayed in bed for a while watching TikTok while enjoying the breeze from the standup fan that I keep in the room. That is, until I felt something tingly on my arm and went to scratch it. It was a goddamn bug. Not a bedbug thankfully. But one of those pesky beetles or aphid like creatures I’ve been spotting. So, that will mean another vacuum and wipe down today.

I think they’re coming from the heating vent in the kitchen. I can’t get behind the bed to clean it – so I’m doing the best I can. I checked under the mattress and it seemed fairly clean. But that’s a two person job. This mattress is heavy. The downside to living alone at times.

The weather right now is quite enjoyable. It’s only plus 23 and I like that. Anything hotter, and I just get cranky. Last night, I even sat outside at two in the morning because it had cooled down quite a bit. I do love sitting out there. The world is quieter at night time.

Other than that – I have nothing else to report today. I’ve got about five weeks left on my benefits and am waiting to hear back about my appeal for long-term disability. Fingers crossed that we’ve provided enough information to get it approved. It at least buys me some time while I seek a neuro consult.

So, that’s it for today. I was looking for inspiration on a blog post on reddit and TikTok but nothing really caught my eye. Instead, I’m drinking some chilled tea, listening to some acoustic music. And just trying to enjoy the cool weather before the heat wave hits.

On the upside, a good heat waves usually results in severe thunderstorms. So, there’s that to look forward to.

Happy Wednesday.

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