How often do you wash your bedsheets?


It’s Sunday noon as I sit down with my second cup of coffee for the day. It’s actually been a pretty productive morning. What is amazing, is how much work you can get done when you get “sprints” or “bursts” of energy like I woke up with today.

The day started off around 8:30 am, but once again, I fell victim to the endless void that is TikTok. An hour went by and I realized, “Oh holy shit, I’ve been on TikTok for an hour,” like, how does that it even happen? So, I got up out of bed to start my day.

In less than an hour, I had my entire condo vacuumed, the bedding was washed – I just put in the comforter. The bathrooms are tidy. And the kitchen is next – the dishes are cooling off now. Don’t you love the smell of steam when you open the dishwasher but hate it when then dishes are too hot to handle?

Oh my goodness. Am I really dedicating an entire blog post to mundane things like – emptying the dishwasher and laundry? Why, yes. Yes I am. Because this is how my brain works. And you’re going to get a glimpse of that today.

I started the dishwasher without thinking once it was loaded up, not realizing I had a load of bedsheets in the washer. Duh. So, I had to wait before I could put the comforter in to wash. I decided to laze around in the bedroom while on top of my mattress – yes, it has a protector on it. And this got me thinking.

How often should one wash bedding? And more importantly, how often should one wash their comforters?

And so, I said goodbye to TikTok (damn app is addicting) and asked Bixby “how often should you wash your comforter?” And of course, Bixby said, “I’m sorry, I don’t have the house app installed.” That one confused me. Honestly, Bixby is the world’s most useless app. It almost never works when you want it to, and you can’t uninstall it which pisses me off. I’m really starting to loathe Samsung phones and all the “extras” they install on your phone that you can’t opt out of.

Anyway, I typed in the search into google and was amazed at what was suggested for comforters. It honestly made me feel itchy all over, and I decided to throw that baby into the washing machine. But this search got me thinking about what others do when it comes to cleaning routines. I’m abusing my readership to ask the following:

How often do YOU wash your comforter and bedding?

My mother always used to complain if I didn’t wash my bedsheets more than once. By the time I turned 16-17, she expected us all to do things on our own like laundry and pitch in the around the house. I hated laundry then, and I still hate laundry now.

But after dealing with both bedbugs and mice infestations, I’ve learned how right my mother was and the importance of keeping a clean bedroom. Not only for the rodents and unsightly bugs, but also to help me sleep better at night. A clean and fresh smelling bed – is one of the best things to crawl into at the end of a long day.

Color me surprised when the google search said to “wash your comforter once or twice a YEAR.” A whole year? That’s just – too long for me. Far too long. Washing pillows was even longer when it said, “wash them yearly” – I wash mine monthly!

Am I alone in this? Do people really not wash their pillows more than once a year?

My cleaning rituals

So, since I moved into my first condo with my own washer and dryer – I’ve adopted this rule of thumb for laundry.

  1. Never leave clothes or bedding on the carpet. Use a laundry basket or place them directly into the washer.
  2. Always use a mattress protector, to help protect your mattress from bugs and mites.
  3. Use a “cover” sheet or fitted sheet for your top mattress. This gives you extra protection from mites, etc. Wash this sheet every week, or every couple of weeks.
  4. Open your bedroom window. Let some sunshine and fresh air in while you wash the sheets. This helps freshen up your room – in warmer months anyway.
  5. Wash your bedsheets and pillow cases weekly. Put clean sheets on the bed immediately – so you can crawl into a nice clean bed at night time.

Now when it comes to comforters – that’s a different story. How often you wash your comforter, will really depend on what kind of comforter you have and how delicate the material is.

I had spent $200 on a nice comforter set from Sears about ten years ago. The sheets fell apart after three years – I toss and turn A LOT. And the comforter, started ripping after only two years. It’s so big and “clunky” that it would jam up my old dryer. This resulted in me hardly ever washing it.

About two years into living at my old condo, I decided to store that comforter in a plastic vaclock bag in the closet and switched back to my “summer” comforter. It’s a thinner blanket, but really easy to keep clean. And no only that, but it has also lasted me over TWELVE years. That’s right. I’ll be sad when it does come time for me to recycle it. I’ve had a lot of great sleeps with that thing.

The great thing about my new condo is the bulk sized washer and dryer units. It was one of my priority items when I was looking for a new place to live. And it’s also why it took me so long to find something affordable, in my price range. Private laundry is a rare amenity in condo buildings.

So, with this comforter, I wash it either once a month – or bi-weekly if it’s really hot outside. I’m not a germaphobe, but something sleeping in a blanket full of sweat doesn’t sit well with me.

In winter months, if the comforter is too light, I pile on the blankets. Being cold doesn’t usually last long as with hot flashes, I would wake up at three in the morning, throw off the comforter and cry,

“Why is it so damn hot in here?”

Trust me, this scene is relevant.

And yeah – that’s where my brain is right now. The sheets are in the dryer. The comforter is being washed because I honestly don’t remember how long it’s been since I washed it. I’m waiting for a call from my sister who is visiting my dad today so at least I can say hi.

I might go for a walk early this evening – it’s a bit cool today. We’ll see how things play out.

Dear readers, indulge me a little. How often do you wash your bedding and comforter? Let me know in the comments!

PS If you haven’t watched Lucifer, you should. It’s a great show.

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