Monthly update – June progress report

Well, holy heck people. It’s Friday morning, and I’ve been awake and out of bed since 8:30 am. I’ve actually been awake since before then, but was hoping to get a bit more sleep. It’s a chilly day with a temperature of 12C – yes, that’s chilly. It rained most of yesterday and is supposed to rain on and off again all weekend.

Meditation goals – Chakras

All week long, I’ve wanted to try some deep meditations for meeting “spirit guides” – which is basically your higher self but I’ve been unable to sit or lie down for long before I get restless. I tried two meditations yesterday and strange things happened both times.

The first time, I was almost there. I got into that head space where I felt like I was “floating” towards the ceiling. I had drifted off but not asleep. My body was hitting it deep. But then a new feeling comes in, about 20 minutes into meditation and it feels like something is tugging at me. Like literally, I feel a pull on my arm or leg and it jolts me back to present moment. I can’t explain it. It’s weird. And sometimes, frightening.

This isn’t your daily meditation set with music or yoga. This is deep breathing experiences using brain entrainment at either 111 hz or 432 hz. I also like working with delta waves. If I’m writing or working on something that requires attention, I’ll turn to alpha waves and binaural beats music. These are fascinating methods for meditation.

Something I’ve been trying to do is work with my Chakras and open them up, one by one. This is something I’ve always been fascinated with but never had the time or discipline to actually work on it. Chakras help open you up spiritually, and can also help heal illnesses. I’ll write a separate post explaining them in more detail – but really, I’m still learning myself.

Last night, I tried the throat chakra. And it was pretty neat. Your body goes through these motions the deeper you go into meditation. And I was almost there, but then my legs just get restless and that fear returns. So, I know what I need to work on next. I think it’s just part of the anixety.

Fitness goals

I’ve given up on cooking now that it’s summer. I got tired of it. It’s hard to keep motivated to cook when it’s just you. Lately, I’ve been eating more hand held foods like sandwiches, or bagels, soups, salads. I’m eating more healthy but allow treats too.

I’m back to working out and have used the bike three times this week. I really hope to get back to walking. I might go for a walk after seeing my dad today if I can get in to visit.

Apparently, we’re very close to being “open for summer” which means that gyms are open again. And soon, I’ll be able to workout without a mask on. When that happens, I’ll be booking our communal gym. It isn’t used very often. The problem with me, is keeping appointments is really hard. I never know when migraines are going to hit. Yesterday was a complete write off. Today, so far, is a good day.

I need to get back on track with fitness planning and regular workouts. It’s the only thing that helps with weight loss. And I’m tired of being this size. I’d like to go back to healthy living please and thanks.

Open for Summer

As things start to lax a bit around the province, I’m itching to travel again. I haven’t been on a trip since Toronto in 2019. I went out for lunch with a friend last weekend and that was the first time in months. We’re trying to have a family bbq outside this weekend – this is our first family gathering since the pandemic started. We’re hoping dad will be well enough to see everyone too. Even some of the kids should be there – though now, most of them are adults. I haven’t seen the grand-nephew since September. He may not even recognize us.

Money is of course tight, so vacation plans won’t be extravagant. No long flights or expensive hotel rooms. I’m thinking of hitting the mountains but accommodation is so expensive during peak seasons. Without driving, it’s difficult to get to some towns.

But damnit. I need a weekend get away. So, I’m looking into affordable options. I do want to hit Drumheller at some point, but that definitely requires an overnight stay.

Business adventures

The Etsy store has come to a crashing halt and I’ve had zero sales since early May. This makes me really sad as I’ve put a lot of work into the store. I was having daily sales, but I’m spending more money on ads than I am making on products. It’s still just a hobby for now, but it would be nice to at least break even for the amount of time I put it into it.

I’m looking at other ways I can make revenue from home just in case things don’t work out for my benefits. I’m still hoping those get approved though. I’m still not able to hold down a full time job. I can barely keep a regular schedule with the migraines. And it’s really hard to find employers who are okay with employees that need as much time off as I do.

In a perfect world, if I could have my own business that would be great. I’m trying to keep positive and an open mind. The pandemic was hard on the economy but I’m hoping things get better soon. More layoffs are supposed to be coming soon. So, life is a bit scary at the moment.

Blogging topics – new!

Other than that, things are going okay. I’ve been writing a lot and have about five posts in draft form for you now. I’ve done a lot of work on the blog and added some new sections. As you may have noticed, I’m writing more about things I really enjoy learning like occult practices, paranormal studies, and mythology. I have always enjoyed learning about ancient civilizations and will be sharing some thoughts with you on those. Stuff like Atlantic, Agartha, Sumerians and even the Annunaki are what I find to be interesting. I have a love for Egyptian and Greek mythology as well.

I’m still posting Living Well articles and will add in maybe one fitness post per month too. Or as inspiration strikes. That’s usually what happens. I see something on the news, or on Reddit or in one of my groups, and I either get ticked off enough to rant – or something was pique my curiosity enough to research the subject more.

So, that’s where we are this sunny but chilly Friday morning. Sipping my coffee, eating my morning bagel. I’ll hit the showers soon and head off to see my dad if he’s up to it. I’m also hoping to do a bit of shopping this afternoon. I’m toying with creating a gnome garden for my balcony or a fairy theme. But we’ll see what I can find while out and about. And here’s hoping, the day stays migraine free.

Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend?

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