Family group chat rants

Okay, I don’t post about family drama often in case they ever stumble upon this blog. I doubt it though. Most of them dont’ “do blogs” – their words, not mine. And that’s okay with me. I like posting somewhat anonymously to hundreds of strangers online compared to talking to my own family sometimes. They just give me a headache.

Two weekends ago, my sister sends out a group chat message asking if we could all together for a family dinner – since it’s been so long. Also, we just got news that the pandemic restrictions were lifted. We were allowed to have a gathering of up to 20 people outside. So, we agreed on having a family bbq at her house.

Then came the fun part of trying to pick a weekend. We’ve missed so many family events because of the pandemic, that we have a lot to catch up on. We haven’t been together since we sold the house in September. My dad hasn’t seen all the kids since that long. We’ve taken turns visiting, but it’s been difficult with his health.

“Okay, can we do next Saturday?” she asked – which would be tomorrow.

Three of us were like, yep! My brother can’t make it because they’re away.

“What about Sunday? Or the following Saturday?” she offered.

Anyway, as you can imagine with a large family and “mixed” households, this went back and forth for a couple of days while people offered up dates. It also made me really question my social habits because even my nieces and nephews have more social plans than I do. Fair, I guess. I was like that once.

So me, being me offers up a solution after two days of not being able to find a date.

“Why don’t we just get together now with who is around and plan for a gathering when we can all be together?” I said. Common sense, right?

“So Wendy, does that mean you’re going to have it at your place?” sister S laughs.

I shook my head. Whatever. I tried.

Later that day, “Since we can’t find a date, everyone is welcome to come over tonight for drinks around the fire pit!” Of course by then, I was in my pj’s and it was way too late for me to even muster up the energy. Damn the cursed life of an introvert.

Three days later, “Why don’t we try and get together this coming weekend and whoever can make it, can just come on over?” she asks.

Are you fucking, kidding me? Because that’s exactly what I suggested days earlier and you laughed at it. Again, I said, whatever. Let her have her shining moment.

So, we agree to have dinner – tomorrow. Plans were firm until I looked up the weather for tomorrow.

“The weather is looking kind of grim for Saturday, do we have a back up plan if it rains?” I asked the group chat. Because, again, common sense. I don’t want to take an Uber out there and then have to turn around and go home like I did just to see my dad for 20 minutes today.

“I think you should just go ahead and have it anyway, regardless of weather,” says my brother who can’t even go.

“Yes, I think we should just stick to plans,” says the hostess with the mostest.

Today, as I’m waiting for the nurses to bring my dad down for a visit. I get a group chat notification. I let out a groan and roll my eyes.

“So, the weather is looking not great for tomorrow. I think we should reschedule. Can we do Sunday or next weekend?” the hostess says.

And that point, I just literally said, “Whatever works,” and dropped me phone.

Anyone else have family that does this? It’s like because I come up with the suggestion, it’s not valid. But if she makes the suggestion, it’s suddenly valid and a good idea.

Am I — better than everyone else? Or am I just chopped liver to these people?

It’s only 3 pm and I think I need a drink.

I hate everyone today.

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