Dream Speak: the high up city & the lamb


It’s Tuesday morning as I type this and I just woke up. Rough night with a lot of weird dreams. But I finally got six hours of sleep after a few nights of insomnia. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and sleep in later than you planned to – to catch up on sleep. I feel pretty good right now minus my ears that are plugged up.

There’s a BIG storm brewing outside again. This has been wild. There are black clouds coming in from the east. The poor tree outside my window is taking a beating with the wind. I just watered my flowers and moved my balcony furniture again. I’ve been able to use it a handle of times since I got it! This rain is something else.

Something just fell outside and created a loud bang. This weather is intense. It reminds me a lot of 1987. Very hot, humid and it’s only June. It’s not even technically summer yet. April to May is normally our rainy season. June 21st, Summer Solstice, is really the first day of summer.

And at noon, it’s pitch black in my condo. That’s actually what got me out of bed. I love storms, but when it’s like this – especially higher up in a condo – things can get spooky.

I’m shaky today for some reason. I just spilled half a container of coffee cream all over my counter. Stupid move. The lid was loose and it just dropped out of my hand. Even now, my hands are trembling. I think I might be low on iron again.

Last night, I had a bunch of weird dreams which is why I wanted to write this post. I’m trying to write them down daily, so I can remember them better. Especially the ones where I dream about people I know. And there were plenty of those last night.

Here’s the first one I remember:

The High Up City

I dreamed that I was on vacation somewhere with my ex Greg, which is funny since we haven’t spoken in about five years. I woke up wearing this fancy dress and had been sleeping in some type of gymnasium. There were a few people I know hanging around.

I am petrified of heights, and in this dream, to get out of the gym, or whatever room it was, we had to climb on this very unstable sheets of what looked like very thin wood. I was half way up this one portion – you had to climb up higher to get to a stable area in order to go back down. I actually lost my balance and one sheet that looked like CARDBOARD fell and slowly hit the ground. I screamed. Looked up and someone grabbed my hand. My ex was no where in sight. The men around me were all of Asian descent or maybe Philippine, I’m not sure. They looked extremely pissed at me and just wanted me out. They helped me with my bags to the ground.

Then Greg, turned into my ex Kevin?? And he was pissed off because his car had been left on the ground all night. And I kept thinking to myself.

What’s wrong with the ground? Why can’t anyone walk on the ground? Is there something down there that will attack us?

Then Greg came back into the dream and we were at my parent’s house. And together again like a couple. He had moved down the street with his boys who were just young in the dream. It was so weird.

Then I flashed into another dream with my sister and her husband. We were wandering through this abandoned city and all the houses were compact. We were looking for something. We found our way into this one building. I wandered into a room – which turned into an office.

I need to stop opening doors in my dreams because I swear, they are portals and lead me to other realities.

Anyway, all the people that bullied me in the office were in this dream. All the toxic coworkers. The “office spy” who ratted on everyone and sucked up to management. The managers who tried pushing me out. And a few nameless people.

I went to my desk which wasn’t in the same spot, I started gathering notebooks to take home with me.

I overheard one girl arguing with my former manager.

“But you know we’re trying to hire for…” she stopped and saw me. “That lamb’s position,” she said. And then started whispering.

Everyone in the office turned to stare at me. I backed out slowly. I knew she had talking about me – but she called me – a lamb? Well, now I have to look up what a lamb means.

Allistair Crowley

I walked through another door and wound up in a pub style place. It was dark. Once again, the cast of Supernatural was there. At least a few of them. They were having a discussion again. It was a panel kind of event like Comic Con only on a smaller scale. I sat down at a table by myself and listened.

Someone bumped into my arm and I looked up. It was Mark Shepherd who played Crowley. He didn’t even look at me. Just walked right past. Which made me think – am I even real to these people in these dreams? Do people see me in situations like this? Am I, a traveler?

I knew that Mark represented Allistair Crowley, someone I have been coming across a lot of on YouTube when watching documentaries.

And then I woke up. It was like someone whispered, “wake up Wendy,” and I got out of the infinite dream loop to find myself in my bedroom which was pitch black.

And here we are. Maybe this is why I’m exhausted all the time. Dreams are a fascinating subject.

The Lamb

Seeing a lamb in the dream or being called a lamb can mean that you are in a situation where you are innocent and vulnerable. Like a lost baby lamb wandering into a pack of wolves. It could be a sign that you are being “walked over” and need to be more assertive. Or if you’ve been harsh on someone, you need to ease up.

In this case, I still maintain my innocence in a lot of things I was accused in at work. I’m still dealing with that. I’m a very truthful kind of person and being lied about – hurt. So, I think I’m the lamb in this case.

And that’s something I’ll be thinking about and working on today.

Interested in having your dreams interpreted? Let me know!

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