Dreams – I’m even dreaming about writing now


It’s 10:00 am Saturday morning and I’m finally sitting down with my first cup of coffee for the day. It’s a bit dreary outside and looks like we might get some rain. But that’s okay. I have plans with my bestie and we are heading out this afternoon. First social outing in months.

Yesterday, I got to visit with my dad for the first time on my own since he moved to his new place. He called and asked if I would visit him. That’s a first. He was pretty good and alert. Talkative for about thirty minutes. By the forty minute mark, you could see that he was getting tired and so we started saying our goodbyes. I’m hoping one of the siblings goes to see him today. We’re all supposed to be taking turns but some aren’t holding up on their end of the bargain. I’m still not allowed to visit him in his room – and this pisses me off to no end.

But it was a nice day and was good to spend some time with him. I said maybe next time I’d bring some cards and we could try and play solitaire. His hands are too shaky for that but he might enjoy the activity.

This morning I woke up from the strangest dream. I had a hard time sleeping last night – mostly because I went for a long nap and it threw me off. But I’m determined to get my schedule back to “normal” as I miss having early mornings.

In the dream, I was given the assignment to do a book report. I couldn’t remember how to do a book report. And the strange thing is the book which I started reading in the dream was a book about ghosts and hauntings. I spent most of the dream running around asking strange people how to do write a book report.

I don’t remember the last time I actually read a book. It’s been years. I’ve listened to podcasts and audiobooks. But to sit down and finish a book? This is really hard for me to do. Sometimes I think I’m borderline ADHD because I can never just focus on one task like sitting and reading. Even now, as I’m writing this, I have a podcast in the background and have laundry on my mind.

But this dream got me wondering.

I’ve been debating on writing a third book and I just can’t decide what to write about. Do I go back to fiction? Fiction is so hard to do – I have lots of great ideas for horror stories but I struggle with focusing and actually finishing the book. Or even coming up with a good ending. Writing books – way more challenging than it is to write a 1,000 word blog post.

People who read books are very detailed oriented. If you make a mistake on a character’s name, or date, people notice these things and are very harsh about the details. I think that’s partially, what has stopped me from writing a fictional book. I have lots saved in draft form.

I have a lot of personal stories I want to tell and it’s hard for me to give these stories to a fictional character. So, I’m still toying with the idea of writing a series of books. I just don’t know what people would actually read. I wish I hadn’t of deleted the book I called Disjointed – because it really went into a lot of my experiences at my dad’s house. I’ve forgotten a lot of these stories now.

And so, these are thoughts that are plaguing me this Saturday morning. I can get lost in writing. Maybe I should do another book like Dream Speak. It’s a combination of information mixed in with my own spiritual experiences.

Authors — what’s your writing process? Do you ever feel a yearning, like something is compelling you to write your stories down? How do you finally make that leap and decide what to write about? Do you ever fear the response you might get from your books? I’m curious to know.

For my readers, please consider purchasing Dream Speak – you can download it and read it on any device.

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