Dream theories and astral travel

Last night I was so tired that I climbed into bed around 7:30 for a “short nap”. Well, that nap, turned into an all night siesta. I woke up groggily around 2:30 am and lazed around in bed until 4:00 am. I decided to get up and have something to eat as my stomach was growling. Finally went back to bed around 6:00 this morning and slept for a couple of more hours.

Insomnia comes and goes. It’s probably hormones. But it could also be connected to other health issues. Sometimes a regular sleep schedule helps. But sometimes nothing works. You just learn to work around it and grab sleep when you can. Even if you’ve done everything right during the day like exercise, eating healthy, getting outside, no naps. There’s no rhyme or reason when it comes to insomnia.

What I wanted to write about was this dream I had. It felt so specific. And the room I was staying in felt so real like I had been there before.

I often dream of other locations or worlds and a lot of the time, I often wake up within a dream. I’ll find myself in bed. It’s almost as though sleep acts as a portal to help you travel between worlds. The more I research about astral travel and physics, the more I believe this is actually what happens when we sleep. Sleep is a way for your body to rest – but your soul or essence, that part of you is free to roam around and travel to other worlds. This theory explains so many of my wildest dreams. Some people even believe that you can time travel in your dreams and visit yourself in a past life. But that’s a debate for another day.

Before I moved, I kept having recurring dreams of waking up in a dump of an apartment building. Even worse than my first building. It was strange. The building was small, had off-white walls and dark grey carpet. I had to go down three stairs to get to my suite which was the first one on the floor. There were two doors next to me down the hall. And just one across the hall. The lights in the hallway never seemed to work.

In one dream, I remember the door to my suite wouldn’t lock. In the next, there was a massive flood and the walls were stained. And in the next, there were bugs and spiders everywhere. It was so gross. That dream finally stopped when I moved in here. Maybe it was my brain telling me not to move into another dump.

I haven’t had any dreams of my last condo which is weird because I lived there for six years. I still have the occasional dream about the family home but not so much these days. I’m actually having a difficult time recalling dreams as I wake up. I’m trying to get into the practice of remembering them for my next dream book.


In the dream this morning, I woke up in a very familiar apartment. It was an open concept apartment – like a bachelor pad. But it was very bright. The walls were painted yellow or cream. There was a tiny kitchenette. A small dining table for two. And I had a twin bed next to the kitchen where I spent most of my time. Above me there were three small windows that let in lots of natural light. I could hear people outside and knew I must have been next to a balcony or social patio. It had sort of a dormatory vibe to it.

Well, several nights passed in this dream. I kept waking up in the same bed. On the third of fourth night, I decided to wander into the next room to see what I discovered. And there was a huge and bright bedroom! I think it was supposed to be like a living room as there was a large bay window with a door next to it. But instead of a couch, there was a giant bed in the middle of the room. The room was just so welcoming.

I wanted to jump on the bed to test it out. But I also wanted to see what was outside. It was like someone was pulling on my arm, trying to get me to go outside. And so, I pulled open the main door – it was large and brown…

And wouldn’t you know it, I woke up in my own bed at home.

It’s dreams like this that really make me think.

Can we travel to other worlds in our dreams? Maybe our bodies are just shells that keep us here on the physical planet. Earth. But what if our souls can travel to other realms? What if these are real places that we visit? Or other lives?

There are theories out there that dreams are like out of body experiences and we can meet up with friends and lost loved ones. I’ve had this happen on so many occasions. I’ve seen my grandmother twice since she died – had never had a dream about her before that. My mom- I’ve seen her lots of times.

I had two dreams about my uncle Bob. I think he tries to visit me often. He died in 1995 by a car accident. In one dream, he appeared to be much younger, like the 70’s version of himself, and he wanted to let me know he was okay and happy. He was smiling. I felt such peace in that dream.

And then there are people that I’ve lost and have never appeared in my dreams. Isn’t that strange? How we can dream of some people but not others?

It’s the same with my relationships. I’ve had so many dreams about my ex James. A lot of nightmares about him too. And same with Greg and Don. But not so much about other guys I dated in my youth. James pops up a lot – even now. I often find myself waking up in his house snooping around. Even though he’s now married with a toddler. I have zero feelings for him – but I guess we’re still connected somehow. I’ll write about that story another time.

These are the thoughts I’m left with today.

The sun is finally shining after an entire week of soggy rain. My balcony is drenched still. I’m hoping to see my dad this afternoon in his room and am just waiting for the call. And of course, the water was off this morning when I finally woke up. Hopefully it’s back on by the time I have to go out.

Do you remember your dreams? If you want to learn more about some of my travel dreams and visitations, check out my book called “Dream Speak” – I’ve also written about my mom’s visitations in “When I Get to Heaven” as well.

Happy Friday!

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