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So, last night I couldn’t sleep. This is nothing new. It happens with insomnia. I spent most of the night on TikTok and Reddit just flipping aimlessly through posts. When it comes to insomnia, you need to make sure your body at least gets the rest even if you can’t sleep. I tried getting up and doing other things, like walking around my condo and even stepping outside – but nothing worked.

I saw a post in the sub reddit /mildlyinteresting and gasped.

Someone had posted a picture of their “dream car” from the 90’s and said he bought it again.

I looked at the car, immediately recognized it and thought, “I dated someone that had a car just like that.” I couldn’t remember if it was the same color or not. But I remember that hood like it was yesterday.

We didn’t date seriously. I think we only hung out a handful of times. That whole timeline in my life is really fuzzy. I was 18-19 and had partied a lot ,which a lot of kids do at that age. I was still very much a kid, who got myself into a lot of dangerous situations with guys. I was still reeling from an abusive relationship and traumatic incident that I hadn’t quite dealt with yet. That healing would come much later in life.

But that picture of the car, stopped me dead in my tracks. And I even commented without thinking:

“I dated a guy with a car just like that in the 90’s. We only went out a few times,” I said.

Well, I just checked my account he responded.

“Was it me?” he said.

I stopped again. What are the chances of this happening? The universe has been sending funky signs my way lately. Like when I checked the weather the other night, and it was “11” degrees across the board – which NEVER happens.

Sure enough. He’s in Canada. Okay, well, Canada is a pretty big place. So, I scroll a little further down his user history.

Saskatchewan. Okay, well this is getting a little creepier.

Then I see a few posts in an Edmonton chat room.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. No. No. What have I done?

What if it’s him? Do I even care? We went on like three dates. And the last one, my girlfriend and I called him for help because we encountered a douche canoe in a sports car that had went full on “road rage” because we dared checked him out.

Doug and his friend, I can’t even remember his name, met at a restaurant and I just remember the four of us having a good time until like three in the morning.

The last time I saw Doug, was at his apartment. It was Christmas time. He was wrapping presents. We got into a fight – yeah, on the third date. We used to talk quite a bit on the phone, as people did back then. This was the 90’s.

He threw a box at me and said, “I was going to give you this, but I won’t now.”

It was a gold ring. But it looked old and used. And I tossed it back at him like, “I don’t want it. We’ve been on three dates,”

He drove me home, or I bussed it home? I’m not really sure. And I never saw him again.

What if it is him?

What kind of weird joke is the universe trying to play on me here? Like okay! You’ve got my attention now.

UPDATE: Definitely not Doug. We had a good laugh about it!

2 thoughts on “Reddit: A mildly interesting reddit user story

  1. I’m curious as to what time you go to bed at night. Nights when I go to bed super late, I sleep on super late, and that throws off my sleep schedule. It also seems to make insomnia worse. I also deal with chronic insomnia, and having some kind of predictable schedule (go to bed at the same time, wake up around the same time) helps to an extent. 😴

  2. Depends on the night. Like tonight I passed out around 7 pm and woke up at 3 am. Most nights I aim for 1 am but even then I can just lie awake all night. It is hormones I think.

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