Sunday vibes – coffee and chill

I woke up late this morning after a restless night. I’m enjoying my first cup of coffee of the day and am watching videos about the upcoming Pentagon report on UFOs. The weather is cooler today and I’m enjoying a comfortable temperature of 22C in my condo. It feels nice. This is my kind of summer weather. Anything above 24C and I’m cranky as hell.

Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep at all. I decided to head out to Walmart with my friend Wally at 9:00 in the morning. I thought if I beat the crowd, I could pick up all my cleaning supplies. What I really needed was some carpet cleaning solution and a vacuum. I’m discovering beetles on a daily basis. I think they are carpet beetles sadly.

I sprayed the bedroom floor yesterday with a vinegar and water solution. Then I ran the new vacuum over it. And holy man. There was so much dirt that it picked up. The last tenants were supposed to have had the carpets cleaned professionally, but I don’t think they did. I’m thinking if this doesn’t work for the bugs, then I’m going to have to pay to have the carpets treated.

But money is tight, and I’m looking for ways to improve this home myself. It needs quite a bit of work. I found some glue to try and repair the fridge door which was held together by the drawer itself. When I took out the drawer to clean the fridge, the plastic thing above it fell down. So, I know I didn’t break it. But the glue didn’t work. So, back to – “the drawing” board on that one. I may just have to use clear tape for now. The fridge is old and the owner said he was going to replace it anyway at some point. There’s lot of cracks in the shelves and meat drawer. It still works and looks good on the outside though.

When I moved in here, I discovered the towel rack was broken. I whipped out my set of tools and managed to fix it myself. That was a proud moment. My brother in law helped me with the shelf in the living room. It was pretty loose.

How do people not notice these things? How can you live for years in a condo and not realize that something isn’t working properly? Like one of the outlets in the living room blew my first week here and I had to move my computer around. That’s okay though, like the set up I have now better. Feels more homey and I can look out the windows while on the computer. Though that tree is so big now that it blocks most of my sky view.

Home DIY projects

TikTok DIY – has made me realize how much I love tinkering with things and fixing things up. I love home repairs and DIY projects. The paint is peeling really badly in the bathroom on the baseboards and under the sink. I’d love to get my hands on it. I mean, I can’t make it worse than it is. My contract says that I can’t paint anything, but I doubt the owner would have any issues with repairs and patch up jobs. I’m going to invest in some putty as there are lots of little nicks and holes in the walls too. I also really want to paint some of my vintage furniture from dad’s house and my computer desk. But I’m so scared to do this!

One set of wall dents is right next to my bed. It’s the first thing I see in the morning. The former tenants must have had something fastened to the wall. A shelf maybe. But why on earth wouldn’t you patch that up too? The owner knows. I documented this all when I moved in.

I still love this place and I am settled in now mostly. It’s been over two months which is hard to believe. It’s very quiet inside the building. I realized when I walked through the other week that there were only eight units on each floor. So, only 32 units all together. So much smaller than my building in Park Place that had nearly 200 units! That building was so big. And it had all kinds of problems.

Speaking of walking through the building, when I went out yesterday to meet Wally, I completely bypassed the elevator and started walking towards the stairs. Force of habit I guess. I lived without an elevator for six years – never again!

Last night, I got really dizzy and decided to go to bed early. I guess in my haze, I forgot to lock the door! I don’t do that often. Usually the door is locked 24/7. But I must have forgotten when I got home from Walmart. But this building is so quiet and safe, that everything was fine. They lock the doors at 6:00 pm so that no one can get in. It doesn’t mean that won’t happen in the future – but I feel really safe here. And that’s important after living downtown.

Remind me to tell you all my horror stories of living on 107th ave. I have more than a few.

What else did I get at Walmart? A lot. I went over my budget but I got enough cleaning supplies to last for several months. I also picked up some plant food for my poor flowers that are suffering from the heat wave. I also picked up a watering can, and a spray bottle for the fern which is not doing great. It could be the planter is too small.

The vacuum I purchased was on sale for $80. It’s cheaply made – which I find happens over time. My last Bissell was the bomb. It lasted for 7 years. It was strong and sturdy. This one feels like it could snap if you aren’t careful. But it picked up so much dirt. I’m going to clean the carpet again tomorrow as I found another beetle last night. But on the upside – my carpets look brand new. Like they were professionally cleaned. Feels soft on the feet and my feet stopped itching.

Bugs are so gross. But they’re hard to escape when you’re living in condos. At least they’re not bedbugs. I’ll never go through that again!! I’ve lived through bedbugs, mice and now beetles. And let tell you, the beetles are an easy fix compared to the rest.

Edmonton is so gross when it comes to infestations now. There are mice all over downtown. We don’t have rats, thank god. I don’t know what I’d do if I saw a rat. But mice, cockroaches, beetles, bedbugs – they’re everywhere. It was one of the reasons I wanted to get out of downtown. It’s a complete shithole.

It makes me really sad though. But the police aren’t doing anything and neither is the city. It’s like no one cares – except for the people that live there.

Anyway. I guess I should get dressed and get my day started. My kitchen is clean already. I used my new magic mop for the tub yesterday and it looks so shiny. I also picked up some new dish cloths. I did look for bedsheets but I ran out of time. This is the downside to not driving and having to rely on friends.

I might head back out there tonight or tomorrow and pick up some sheets. But we’ll see how the day goes.

Happy Sunday – what are your summer DIY projects that you have planned for your home? Let me know!

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