It’s so hot that…

I’m debating on whether or not to tan today. It’s already plus 25C and it’s supposed to get up to 30C. It’s close to 27C in my condo. I have both fans going. All the windows are closed. And curtains are drawn. If I sit very still, it’s a comfortable temperature. But it’s only June 1st – I’m dreading to see what July and August are going to be like.

Yeah, yeah yeah. I know.

Before you all jump on me and say “but, it’s summer,” — it’s JUNE here. It’s technically still spring. It shouldn’t be 30C this early. I live in a province where we get down to -35-40C in winter months. This is not normal!

I checked on my newly planted pansies this morning and the grass foliage had started to turn brown. The small yellow flowers had wilted. I panicked. I’ve only had the flower pots for over a week since my sister dropped them off. She had said to water them every couple of days.

I think pansies do better in the shade, so I gave them a healthy dose of water and moved the pots towards the window. I’m so sad! This is why I don’t normally keep flowers. My shelving plants are doing pretty well but the fern is drying out quickly. I think I’m living in the wrong climate for ferns.

Last night it was so hot in my condo, even with the fans going, that I decided to spend some time outside. I spent an HOUR until 11 pm. It was so nice outside. I went back out there about 1 am because I couldn’t sleep. I’ve missed sky watching so much. I can get lost for hours just watching the stars. My only beef is that the No Frills across the street creates too much light pollution. I wish I was on the other side of the building. The weather was so warm!

I stayed outside for another 40 minutes. That’s more “nature” I experienced in one day, than I’ve had in the last three years. And it felt great. I’ve really missed being able to use my balcony. My neighbours in the last place were so nosy. I couldn’t go outside without the creepy guy across the street watching my every move. Even if I opened my curtains, he’d be there. Just staring. Sometimes I’d catch him watching me in my kitchen. Thanks to him, I had to wear pants daily.

I absolutely love my balcony. The tree provides a lot of privacy so I can often sit next to it without going noticed. But last night, I decided to sit in the middle of my balcony. I noticed a car in the parking lot across the street with its lights on. I moved my second chair and crouched down so they couldn’t see me. I had my headphones on and was watching TikTok videos.

A few moments later, I noticed the car had moved. Once again, I shifted my chair over. Fuck them, I said to myself. If they moved again, I’d hide behind my tree. My tree. Hah. Like I own it or something. It’s really lovely.

And yet, the car moved a third time. At this time, I raised my phone, waved at them and took a picture. The car drove away after that. I don’t get why people do this. Like, I’m on the third floor. I can see you there with your lights on. I’m fully clothed. Watching TikTok videos trying to enjoy the weather.

And before you tell me I’m paranoid, I moved THREE times and the car moved each time that I moved. I just don’t understand why people would even do that.

I’m glad I don’t have neighbours across the street anymore. Most of the time I can just ignore people in the parking lot. But this was — unsettling.

What is wrong with people?


My sister texted me last night and offered me her old patio furniture. They’re the nice wicker kind – that are crazy expensive. She has a loveseat and two chairs. I said absolutely! Apparently she bought a new set and is happy to give them to me. And I’ll happily take them.

My next purchase will be a small table for the balcony and perhaps a privacy shield. I can’t hang anything on my balcony but maybe I can just put one up for the time I’m outside. That way I can enjoy the sun and warm summer nights without worry.

And so, that’s where we are on this lovely June morning. I’m shopping Amazon for portable air conditioners that won’t break the bank. And researching ways to keep my beautiful pansies alive. All while contemplating on living in my bathtub for the entire summer.

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Happy Wednesday!

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