Dream Speak: a visitation from a familiar

So, I’m tripping out a little bit here. It’s wild. Last night, I had a rough night. Zero sleep. I finally passed out around 6 am this morning. But before going to bed, I did my usual meditation to clear my thoughts which is supposed to help me sleep and dream with intent.

I’ve been missing my mum a lot these days. I used to dream about her a lot but the dreams always turned scary because of the house. Part of me feels she is still living in the house in some way even though she’s been gone to us for seven years. All I know, is that when I do communicate with her in dream form, it always takes place in the house.

I decided to try and experiment last night.

It is said, that if you call out to a loved one, repeatedly, and say, “I want to dream of mum tonight,” or “I will dream of mum tonight,” then that person will find their way to you.

There’s a whole book I’ve written about called Dream Speak in which I’ve described in detail what this practice is. These beliefs date back to our Native ancestors, thousands of years ago. I’ll post the book at the end of this post.

Anyway, I got maybe five hours of sleep but my dreams were very choppy and I don’t recall any of them. I’m actually finding it harder, since I moved here, to remember dreams. Which is funny, because I’m now living closer to our beloved family home.

I wound up sleeping on and off for most of the day today. I sat outside for about 20 minutes in the sun and maybe that did it. But my migraine came back with the dizzy spells. So, I took some pills and went back to bed.

I just woke up about half an hour and I am desperately trying to remember what I just dreamed.

For the first time, I think ever, I actually dreamed what I wanted to dream of. I asked my mother to find her way back to me in a safe space. I said I didn’t want a scary dream as most my dreams about the house turn into nightmares. I’ll write about my experiences one day – I promise.

I had a bunch of weird dreams. I have this recurring dream where I’m in Vegas or something similar attending a conference. Then I was in this dream where there was an outdoor winter wedding and I was crying because I loved the couple getting married. But I didn’t know any of these people in real life. That happens a lot. I also bounce from dream world to dream world a lot.

And in the last dream, just before I woke up – I found myself sleeping in my old bedroom.

The room had all the same furniture but it was laid out wrong. The bed was by the window. It was like I had arranged it as a teenager. I used to change it around a lot as I would get bored.

I could hear my mother’s voice. I got out of bed, got dressed and went to find her. She was in her room – which was just the way it was when we were kids. Purple carpet. Purple walls. The large king bed where we all used to cuddle.

I can’t remember what we talked about. But in the dream, I had been at the house for TWO days and we had spent the weekend together. Just spending time.

But then the dream started coming to an end and I said:

“Mum, we have to get out of here. It’s not our house anymore,” I said.

“Oh, I know sweetie, but I don’t really care,” she said as she reached for a photograph on the table.

I’m trying to remember who was in the photograph, but I can’t.

“Mum, I’m running out of time. I have to go…” I said.

And that was it. Before we could say what we wanted to say to each other, I woke up in my own bed here. I thought nothing of the dream until I was fully awake.

I thought, well, holy shit. It worked.

I just wish I could have had more time with her.

I have this bizarre feeling of love around me. Like I can feel her hugging me. And it feels wonderful.

What are your crazy dream stories? Have you communicated with a lost loved on in your dreams?

Looking for something good to read? These books share examples of my own dream visitations from loved ones including my mother.

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