Monday mid holiday rants

It’s holiday Monday here in Canada and I was up all last night. I tried going to bed around 2 am but just could not sleep. Hormones? Weather? Perimenopause? “Mid-century age?” Check all of the above. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s just my brain in overdrive.

Mid-century. Someone on Twitter called me this and it stuck with me. We were discussing some furniture I got from my parent’s house. The coffee table and tv cabinet that I wanted to refurbish. I’m scared to as I think it’s laminate and I don’t want to destroy the table. There are a lot of scratches and nicks in the wood though. I also have my mum’s old desk from when she was a teenager in Calgary. The top is scratched to hell and needs a refresh.

She said, “I love working with mid-century furniture.” Well, the table and cabinet were bought when the house was new. Five years before I was born. So, I guess…..

I’m mid-century?

According to TikTok users, apparently, that’s what we’re called now. There was a thing going around the other week about how many centuries we’ve been alive for. And even though I was born in the late 70’s, I’ve been around for five decades (not centuries). That feels gross just saying that. I mean, really. That means my friend Elinor, who is 94 – I can’t even do that kind of math right now.

I had a guy “slide” into my DM’s on Twitter this morning. I had posted about going to bed with fuzzy pj’s because it was cold and I didn’t want to turn on the heat again. It’s a comfortable temperature right now. It’s miserable today. You know, I actually stayed up until 5:00 am so I could watch the sunrise. And course, there’s been no sun at all today. The sky is almost a grey green color now.

Anyway, he makes some inappropriate comment about “how I could sleep with fuzzy pj’s in bed.” And “did you try turning on a light.” He sends two of older tweets to me.

I mean, who does that? I ignored them. Put a passive aggressive tweet on my timeline and said, “Please don’t slide into my DM’s with inappropriate messages. It’s gross. And I’m not here for that.” Just like I’m not here on wordpress to hear those kinds of comments either.

Seriously, guys. Why do you do this? Do women do this? I haven’t received anything like this from women. But guys think they know me and then just go ahead and send awful stuff like this.

You know what this is? It’s a form of sexual harassment. It’s the equivalent to catcalling a woman as she walks by.

Unwanted attention = harassment. Plain and simple as it gets.

Please. Stop. I mean it. Before you go to slide into the comments or DM’s with a sexually suggestive statement – stop. Read read the tweet or post again. Because chances are, it’s all in your head and you’ve made up whatever invitation you think the post is.

And with that note, I have a steaming cup of broth and some crackers to eat. A growly “tummy” is making me cranky today.

How are you spending this very soggy Victoria Day?

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