Thursday morning coffee – and dresses! Updated

UPDATE: I deleted my RedBubble store. I have a huge issue with other “artists” using copyrighted materials. I reported several stores for stealing artwork of other creators, and the site refuses to take the stores down. I will be looking at other platforms for in the mean time to design clothing. I would LOVE to connect with companies that produce clothing and apparel. Please get in touch.

t’s Thursday morning at 11:00 on the dot. I had planned on getting up early this morning and having a productive day. I thought I had set my alarm for 9 am. I was woken up for the first time at 9:30 by a family group notification.

I hadn’t moved all night. I was in the same position that I was when I fell asleep. With both blankets over me. That… doesn’t happen very often. I use…. to pause for dramatic effect. Does it work or is it just annoying?

My sister texted at the same time so we chatted a bit. I’m trying to get back into a normal routine of getting up before 9 am and having a full day. Even if it’s a relaxing day – at least I can have some level of normalcy. But I lazed around for another hour.

It’s freezing in my condo right now. It went from being 25C on the weekend in here and now it’s sitting around 20C. I refuse to turn on my heat though. I know the moment that I do, the weather will warm up and it will be boiling here.

It’s been raining non-stop since Monday. I think. The days are blending in together. It snowed on Wednesday and the world freaked out. The snow is mostly gone now but it’s still cold and miserable. May is often hit and miss. It’s our rainy season. Some days are plus 25C while others feel like winter.

I had a really good day on Tuesday when I went to see my doctor. I was up at 8:30 am, MIGRAINE FREE! He got really serious when I told him that this was the first day I didn’t have a migraine all month. He’s taking my concerns a little more seriously now. I gave him some background letters from my hematologist and rheumatologist. I forgot I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. And it all makes sense now. I always have a deep ache. Pain free days are rare.

I had hoped to get out and do some shopping today but the weather is not cooperating. It’s so cold! I currently have my heater on and it does the job. Nice to have an electric fireplace when you live somewhere like Alberta. You never know what the day is going to be like when you wake up.

Last night, I worked on some art pieces and got some new designs uploaded onto RedBubble. I haven’t made any sales yet, but I’m finally starting to get views. I’m keeping my profit margin down in hopes of attracting buyers.

While I love the ease of use for the site, it makes me nervous that they don’t enforce copyright infringement. Most of the products on the site, are ripoffs of content from movies and tv shows. And that doesn’t sit well with me. Etsy at least takes that more seriously.

I pulled out my cards and did a reading last night. The cards keep telling me about an upcoming relationship or partnership. I’m not sure what it means. But hopeful that it could be something good coming my way. Maybe an affiliate for the blog? That would be super swell. I’d love to work with others. The dream one day is to have this blog earn money too.

I feel like I have a lot to say these days. Strange things are happening around the world and a lot of people are “waking up”. It’s more of a spiritual awakening. People are tired of the government’s bullshit. Now that people have worked from home, they realize that life is much better when we don’t follow the norms of society. With the disclosure coming soon for UFOs, I’m paying a lot of attention to the news.

But… be careful with what you believe and read. There’s a lot of disinformation out there. Probably more so than actual information. You pretty much just have to do research for yourself and come up with your own ideals and beliefs.

And so, that’s where we are this Thursday morning. I feel like I could write a book lately. And maybe, I just might.

I think shopping is a bust today. Maybe tomorrow. What are your weekend plans?


Also, consider making a purchase from my RedBubble store to help cover the costs of this blog. I have all kinds of pretty products from phone cases, tablet sleeves, pillows, travel mugs, and even clothing! Like this really pretty dress. Available in plus sizes too. There’s also a matching mini and t-shirts.

Subscribe for daily post! I’ll also be working on an online store.

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