Isn’t it ironic. Like rain on a wedding day.

To my fellow female bloggers, have you ever stumbled across “that guy” on the internet? You know the one I’m talking about. The one who is so filled with anger and hatred towards women, that he turns around and accuses YOU of being the one who hates men?

What do you think of a man who calls women “sluts, bitches and whores” in just about every comment or post he makes? Do you find this kind of behaviour humorous, or appalling?

And to the women who read these kinds of posts and LIKE them… I mean, what is wrong with you? Don’t you realize you’re contributing to the problem?

I’m genuinely curious to know because I recently discovered a blog where this writer had such hatred towards women, that most of his posts were either slut shaming, or calling women he interacted with “sluts, whores” and other names I won’t even repeat in my blog.

This got me thinking – these kinds of things always do.

What could drive a person to that level of hatred?

Being rejected one too many times? The guy brags about “sexual” conquests like he’s a regular Don Juan. When in reality, I’m thinking – maybe he’s never had sex – or maybe he hasn’t had sex in years. I don’t know.

And who brags about sexual conquests online? I mean it’s not just men specific. I guess there are some women that do this too.

Your cuss words are weak

I swear like a sailor. Some of my long-term readers know that. But for the most part, I try and keep my “professional” articles swear free. I could write entire pages of unique swear words – but I CHOOSE not to. That’s my right.

And have you noticed, that when you call these guys out on their *shit* (see, I swear), and you state your boundaries loud and clearly – that they retaliate in the most immature fashion?

Comments like, “Fuck you” or “Fuck off, leave me alone,” or “I hope to never hear from you again,” even though they started the exchange and keep replying.

Then they start in with “your mother is” insults because that never gets old.

Asshole specifics

This problem isn’t gender specific. It’s people specific. Or rather, asshole specific. Oops. There I go again swearing. Silly me.

I love it when these “people” turn around and start accusing you of being overly sensitive and too negative for them.

But seriously. I wonder, for real.

Tired vaginas

What kind of trauma would a person have to go through to call women, “sluts, whores and bitches” or “tired vaginas” on every blog post?

I mean, what the hell is even a tired vagina? It’s not like men don’t sag in places as they age. But, tired vagina? I mean, who would even type that in a blog post? Of course I am, because I’m quoting someone.

But. Really?

Do I have any animators following my blog? I need someone to make me an avatar with my eyes rolling so far back that they fall out of the sockets and my head falls off too then I just disappear – and pop right back. Can you do that? Please!?

Isn’t it ironic. Don’t you think. Like rain on your wedding day ironic.

That the most negative people online are the ones who accuse the positive people of being negative manhaters?

And now you’re left to mull these thoughts over like I have been for an entire week.

I’m okay with labelled being a bitch – but if you start calling me and other women “tired vaginas” – we’re going to have issues.

(Yes, I know I’m posting a lot. We’re still in isolation. I’m bored. And have lots of thoughts.)

And PS…. calling women that you have never met in real life “bitches, sluts and whores” is not okay. That doesn’t make me a feminist. It means that I have respect for myself, as a woman.

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