Daily positivity challenge: Day #1 – Family

So, there’s a thing going around on Twitter that my local friends are doing and it’s called the positivity challenge. It’s been interesting to watch as everyone has added their own flair to it. I think this is a great reminder to embrace all the things we love in life and are grateful for. Life is too short to dwell in the negative. It’s also not worth wallowing in self-pity, anger or hatred.

In an effort to turn this blog around, gain some more followers and engagement, and also to attract more positivity into my life – I’ve decided to embark on this challenge for 30 days. I’ll be writing shorter posts about the things I’m grateful for in this life.

How it works:

Write something you are thankful or grateful in your life. Or write down something good that happened to you today. Pick a different theme for each day. You can keep it as short as you want – or write a whole page of notes.

The 30 day positivity challenge – Day 1: Family

As Mother’s Day was yesterday, I think it’s suiting to give tribute to my family. We’ve had our challenges over the years. We haven’t always gotten along. But now that mum is no longer with us and dad needs our support, we’ve managed to overcome our differences and work together.

My sisters have helped me out so much in the past few months with my new home. I got my recliner yesterday, a bunch of flowers from my baby sister, and my oldest sister (I have a lot of sisters), has spoiled me. They gave me a free bed frame, and even bought me a month worth’s of groceries in March that I’m still living of off.

I miss my mum of course but I’m grateful for my relationship with my dad who has always been supportive – no matter what my choices are in life. He’s taught me a lot about patience, love and ethics. I also learned how to run a business because of him.

So today, for day one of this positivity challenge – I’m ever so grateful for my family. We all need someone we can count on and lean on for support from time to time. I’m grateful that I have sisters that I can call on for help.

Daily mantra #1: I welcome positivity into my life. I banish those with negative or ill thoughts towards me from my personal space. Life is too short to dwell on the negative or live in anger. I also need to learn to ignore those who want to cause harm or bring negativity into my life.

What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you want a digital book to track your daily positive thoughts – check out this new product I have on my Etsy store.

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