Lurker — Whispers of a poet’s heart (reblogged)

I made a new friend online tonight and it seems we have a lot in common. It’s funny how some people can think that tearing us down with their words will make us weaker. But in all of this, I gained a new friend. And a poem.

Thanks new friend. I think I will share this just as you asked.

I don’t see myself as a victim. I’m strong. I’m a survivor. Like many brave women I know.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on With a sprightly heart and childish beats I understand attraction and rejection Having known both side all too well But now, I’ve reached my conclusion You have far too many conditions For us to experience love- as love In many of microseconds left unshared Where love triumphs lustful ignorance […]

Lurker — Whispers of a poet’s heart

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