Rainy day moods – spring has sprung

It’s Saturday afternoon as I write this. It’s been raining non-stop since late Thursday night. I normally love the rain and storms but this kind of rain is depressing. It’s cold, dark and everything is soaking wet. But on the upside, the buds are coming in on the tree outside and it looks super pretty. It provides lots of shade too which will be nice in the hot summer months. It’s still spring here.

I do love the view here. Kind of wish I was on the other side though or a floor higher.

We had a wind storm the other night that tore up my balcony. All my flower pots were blown all over the place. Luckily no damage, and the chairs were solid and okay – but man. The wind actually started shaking my condo and that was a bit scary. It seems to get worse each summer.

I woke up this morning again with a major migraine. I was fine yesterday morning but by three pm the migraine came back. I slept for a few hours in the evening. Which resulted in not being able to sleep until about three in the morning. So, once again, I slept in today. It’s the weekend, so I don’t feel bad about it.

These migraines are driving me crazy. I’m taking a break from using headphones and seeing if that will help. I have the tv going but the sound is terrible for music. I need to invest in a budget friendly tube speaker for the computer. The headphones could be part of it.

Finally, the migraine is subsiding a bit. I learned that if you take daily medications, these can cause more migraines too. So, you’re really, damned if you do and damned if you don’t here.

The worst part of the migraines is the dizzy spells and nausea that comes with. Which is why I’m convinced this is a vascular issue. Until we find the root cause, treatments won’t work. What I have learned, despite all the unsolicited advice thrown my way here is – unless you find what’s causing the migraines – they will keep coming back. And when it’s a blood vessel or vascular issue, then that can be harder to treat.

I’m on a waitlist for a neurologist. It just takes too long to get an appointment. And going to the ER is not feasible right now with the rate of COVID cases. Our hospitals have been in rough shape for a long time now.

Please believe me – when I say I’ve tried everything for the migraines, I really have. Alternative treatments like Botox and Acupuncture aren’t even really covered by benefits. I am contemplating the use of CBD oils or gummies. Mostly for the nausea. I’m just hoping it’s nothing serious like a tumour. Because that would really suck.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my day. I had hoped to go for a longer walk this weekend but it’s too cold with the rain. And soggy wet. I love rain on a hot summer night. That’s the best kind of rain to walk in. But not this. This kind of rain will make you sick.

I think I will finish up my coffee, have a shower and get cleaning. I’m getting back into nature and space related documentaries which are just fun to watch. I’m also trying to think about work and what to do in the fall because my benefits won’t last forever.

And so, that’s where we are this rainy Saturday afternoon. How do you spend your time on rainy days? Might be a good night to cozy up with a blanket, fire and a good book.

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