The powers of positive thinking

It’s Saturday again. What started off as a chilly and dreary morning has turned into a sunny and bright day with a gentle cool breeze. I don’t know why I start these daily posts off with a weather update. I’m starting to sound like a weather report.

The day started off with me lazing in bed for a while. I finally got myself up, had breakfast. Worked on the computer for a little bit. Then I got to cleaning. I took a break to check for email about an hour ago and am still here.

My plan was to get the bedroom totally organized and cleaned up. I couldn’t find ANY of my socks. I had like two pairs and a bunch of random odd socks. I went through a few bins. I knew if I piled all the socks into one place – I would eventually find them all. Even though there were about ten random socks left, I managed to put together like twelve pairs of socks.

I can’t believe I’m writing about socks. SOCKS. Is this what pandemic life has led us to? Writing about pairing up freaking SOCKS?

I think this post is telling me I need to get a life. Working on my tan – was one project I enjoyed but the weather has taken a turn. It’s winter again.

The lard works in mysterious ways

I’m still waiting for my dad’s recliner from my sister. I’m not pushing her for delivery. But it would be nice to have a relaxing chair to sit in. All I have right now is my bed and the two red chairs. They’re uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time. Which is why I force myself to get up every hour or so. That and my feet are swelling to cartoonish proportions.

It’s hormones. Age. Weight. And I’m working on that.

My favorite pair of $10 plushy pants from Walmart are entirely too long in the legs. They were long to begin with, but now I actually legitimately trip over them. I did some research onto why that happens. The answer is a no brainer.

If you carry weight in your middle area, hips and thighs – they stretch out your pants. As you lose body fat and gain muscle, your hips and thighs will become smaller. Ergo, your pants will become longer.

I think I knew that already but for some reason – seeing answers on the internet make me feel more confident. Funny how the brain works. Isn’t it?

Even my shirt that I’m wearing today is over flowing. The scale hasn’t budged very much. And neither has my measurements. But obviously, something’s moving in the right direction.

Laws of Attraction

I found myself on YouTube last night out of boredom from watching tv shows. I found my way to the conspiracy side of the tube again. There’s so much information out there that’s hard to know what to even believe in. But… I came across a video that said there is a CIA document that proves that the laws of attraction actually work and can help you lead a better a life.

It’s kind of ironic, because I’ve been working on myself a lot in building up my confidence again with the help my of therapist. Something I lost at my job. As I find myself again, I’m wanting to become a better person. I’m reaching out to old friends, making amends for past hurts that I caused. I don’t need a response – it’s just something I need for me to let go of the negativity.

At least one friend responded and we’ve been catching up on email. I sent him this blog.

This is my task for the next month. To work on meditations, affirmations – to see if it actually works.

I’m on the fence with what I believe in spiritually. But… there’s got to more to life than this, right?

And so… that’s where we are this fine Saturday afternoon. Dinner will be lazy. I’ve got some lettuce to use – so it’ll be a salad and pizza kind of night. But don’t worry. It’s a flatbread. Because it tricks my brain into thinking it works.

Do you use meditations? If so, which ones are your favorite? Have they worked for you in the past? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Loved this blog and your weather report made me smile. I have used “headspace” as a meditation app in the past and really liked it. Hope it helps you xx


  2. Wendy says:

    Thank you! I just scheduled a post for tomorrow with some recommendations as well!


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