Things are looking up!

It’s Tuesday morning. The sun is shining and it’s shaping up to be a beautiful spring day. I’m “dressed”. I have my usual morning bagel. A hot cup of instant coffee. And I was up before 10 am this morning.

I forced myself to get up right at 9:30 when my alarm went off. It was tempting to stay in bed as it’s so warm. It’s finally comfy too. I think I have the right amount of pillows. The mattress isn’t so hard either.

The other night, I made what might be the best AAA steak I’ve ever had. I don’t have a bbq or grill so I pan seared it. It was juicy and took under 10 minutes to whip up. It was so good, that I am ordering another batch of steaks with my next grocery order.

How it was made

Preparation was pretty easy. Melt about 1 tablespoon of butter in a frying pan on medium heat. Add in a cup of spring onions diced. Add in the steak. Seasoning to your liking. I used black pepper, salt, parsley and topped off with bbq sauce.

I like my steaks medium rare. Not too chewy. Done just right. And this was amazing. I’ll definitely be making this again. Of course, my favorite steak will always be grilled. I can’t wait for summer when we can have family dinners and outdoor parties again.

As you can see, I’m back to mostly clean eating. Ignore the generous amounts of dressing. I paired the steak with a garden salad, some carrots and a side of lettuce.

I alternate between lettuce, kale and spinach. Spinach is my least favorite. Kale is amazing in just about anything. Lettuce I love for wraps, sandwiches and to have on the side. But only iceberg lettuce because it’s so crispy.

The salad was simple. Some cucumbers, tomatoes and mushrooms. Add a bunch of seasoning and voila.

Sleep Hygiene

My sleep schedule is still out of whack but I’m getting into the habit of being in bed by 1:00 am. At least this way I can trick my body into think it’s bedtime. The plan is to get up by 9 or 9:30 am most days. It’s okay if I laze around and read using my phone, but I have to be up and out of bed by 10 am. Next month, I’ll aim for 8 am. And by June, I hope to be back to some kind of work. I’m still trying to find work I can do from home whatever that might be.

Daily Self-care

My skin has never been healthier. I’ve gotten into a pretty good skin routine. I alternate between showers and baths every day. I’ve started using a bath puff again and it really has helped. I use seal salt scrubs about once a week in the bath. What do I do for my skin routine you might ask?

  • I wash my face every night with CeraVe foam wash. This product is great for acne prone skin.
  • I later my face using Nivea products – either soft Nivea cream or the aloe vera version
  • I use aloe vera Vaseline on my cracked feet. The skin is still yellow but using the sea salt twice a week definitely is helping with getting rid of the dead skin. This is an ongoing battle as I’ve had this for years and neglected my feet badly at my old condo.

I was my face with cold water only. This helps reduce inflammation and any redness that might appear from the Rosacea. Other than a couple of small spots on my left cheek, my skin is the best it’s ever been. I have some white spots under my eyes I’m going to focus on next. But my skin hasn’t felt this soft in years. I think a lot of it has to do with the water pressure and having CLEAN water here.

Clean Eating

I’m back into healthy eating habits. While I still have bread and pizza from time to time, because, well, bread, I’m eating more raw vegetables and cooking most of my meals. I’ve done everything from pork roast, chicken thighs, to steak last night since moving in here. This has made me realize how much I’ve missed cooking. It’s been a real treat having a nice clean kitchen.

I’m still checking for mice droppings daily. It’s been embedded into my brain. But thankfully, everything is clear. I’m trying to think positively on this and clean my kitchen nightly.

It does feel great waking up to a clean kitchen and not worrying about dishes or cleaning up mice droppings. I love it.

Condo Living

Last night I had the fire on. It was so cold outside – I thought it was going to snow for sure. I sat by the fire before bed for about twenty minutes and just stared into space. I realized then how much I missed meditation and needed it for the anxiety. I made a pact to myself to practice meditation where my mind just goes blank and shuts the rest of the world out for a little while. It’s good for mental health and for the body in general.

I love my fire – but I wish it distributed heat more evenly.

Daily Exercise

I took a couple of days break from exercising. The weather really can have an serious impact on my knees. Cold and damp weather brings on an ache that makes it difficult to move. I think this is why I’ve wanted an electric fireplace. It really helped loosen up my knees. I feel pretty good today and am thinking of going for a walk later.

I went for a couple of short walks on the weekend when the weather was nice. On the third day, the wind was so awful that I had to turn around and come home.

Welcome to spring in Alberta.

Etsy Shop

I’m back to creating products and edited two journals last night. It feels good to be creative again. Make sure to check out my newest products. I really need to get some sales again! I have worksheets, planners and journals of all kinds.

Prices are affordable and are based on how long it took me to create the journals. I love doing this. It’s relaxing and gives me something to do during the day.


I also begrudgingly joined TikTok, I’m not a fan of the app. It’s very limiting in what you can do and a lot of the content is terrible. But I’ve posted some music videos for you to enjoy!


Just having some fun. Still trying to find the best angle for phone videos. I need a tripod! #piano #waterfalls #music #relaxing #soundscapes #yeg

♬ original sound – Wendy Jensen Music

Anyway, that’s it for me today. How’s your week going?

Happy Tuesday!

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