Today feels like the start of every horror movie


It’s Monday afternoon and I’m off to a late start due to another brutal night of swollen ankles and insomnia. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do during the day anymore. I just can’t fall asleep.

I woke up around noon to get my day started. I needed to call my doctor’s office, book appointments and check on my bank accounts.

Well, color me surprised when I kept getting a network error when trying to dial my physician’s office. I thought I was losing my mind. Had my doctor blocked my number? Then I tried voicemail and breathed a sigh of relief when I received the “no network” message there too.

Luckily, the internet is working. I hopped onto my computer and checked Twitter. Rogers is down and has been down for most customers since 2 am. I have my internet through Shaw cable so thankfully for now, it’s still up.

But this moment of panic got me thinking about movies like The Purge and shows like Mr. Robot. This is just a minor glimpse into what would happen if society collapsed.

What if we woke up one day to no internet, no phone, no power – and there was nothing that could be done? For weeks or months at a time?

This is something that’s on the back of a lot of people’s minds – especially right now given world events. We see riots on the news daily. Protests. A civil war in America. Right vs the left. Cyber terrorism. Bio-terrorism. Where does it stop?

I can’t even login to my own bank account without the two factor authorization text. And I can’t call the bank to have them help me. So…. yeah.

I’m thinking I might have to take out some cash and keep it on hand “just in case”.

My ex, who was military, said, “always have an emergency stash. Some cash, change of clothes, some dry foods. You’ll never know when you’ll need it.”

And so, as I sit here without cell phone service, without being able to reach my family – I’m thinking…maybe that’s not such a crazy idea.

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  1. Hilary Tan says:

    I agree about having an emergency cash backup. Mine is in my bank account – I don’t do online banking though. It seems like you’re dealing with a similar nightmare as I am. I have horrible insomnia and pain in my legs at night. It’s awful… insomnia makes it so much harder to function during the day. Hopefully you sleep better tonight! 😴

  2. Wendy says:

    Yeah cash is always good to have on hand. I had some when I was playing at the church but it’s been months since I’ve had a gig. Yeah the nightmares come and go. Random things. End of the world dreams that come out of no where. I think that’s just stress in general!

  3. Hilary Tan says:

    There have been unforeseen instances where I needed access to the emergency cash, and I am grateful for that. When the emergency fund goes below a set-point, I top it up before I even consider splurging on things. These days, I am topping up that emergency fund. Life happens. Life is expensive.

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