Saturday coffee and a royal funeral

It’s Saturday morning and I just finished my usual daily breakfast and coffee. Albeit later than I wanted to but I lazed around in bed reading on my phone. I went to bed late last night but I got a solid few hours of sleep.

I was feeling restless yesterday and cooped up. Restrictions are in full effect here and we still can’t have social gatherings. So, I took a break from the computer, got dressed and walked around the neighbourhood for the first time. It was quieter, close to 9 pm and the weather was still really warm.

I’m out of shape for walking. My knee is really bad right now even though I’m working out daily. But I wandered around the building, headed to the gazebo which is less impressive than I remember it. Sat down at table. I was disappointed to see it covered in graffiti. It was an old metal picnic bench.

What I need to do is find a park nearby and wander down there once I’m in better shape. I really hope to spend weekends outside as much as possible.

My sister will be dropping off some plant soil and a rug for my balcony this week. So, I’m looking for seeds and plants that would go well with the balcony. I’d like to get some fake plants for inside too. And I think some herbs for my kitchen window. I have this space I don’t know what to do with.

I posted a video on TikTok so you can see how much room I have in my dining area. I’m debating on what to do with the space near the window. Maybe a tiny shelf where I can put some pots for herbs. Or the pots could go on the window sill. I don’t know. Go follow me on TikTok. I’ll be sharing updates as I decorate the condo and get more into cooking, baking and sharing DIY project tips.


New condo walk through. Kitchen, dining area. Almost finished. I love my kitchen so much! #newhomes #condo #citylife #thesinglelife #blogger

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The Royal Funeral

I’m watching the royal funeral this morning. I skipped through the first part. I’ve been to too many funerals in my life to get much out of it. If my mom were still alive, she’d have gotten up at the crack of dawn to watch and she would be bawling her eyes out. I’m writing out my thoughts as the thing plays in the background.

When it comes to funerals, I’m kind of an expert. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve helped plan or attended as a musician – and as someone who has lost many friends and family.

I recognize all the hymns. That’s a sign that I’ve played for too many funerals too. The usual ones. Abide with Me. Amazing Grace. I think I mainly watch these things for the beautiful music.

I don’t get the fascination with the family. I think they’re all generally awful people. My mom was obsessed with Diana. We all watched the wedding and the funeral together as a family when she died.

It’s funny the things that brings you together as a family.

Funeral Thoughts

Oh … okay and of course, God Save the Queen. Everyone recognizes that tune.

Everyone is concerned for the queen. I’ve known many older couples who died in a short span of time of each other. That seems to happen more when the couple has been married for decades. Or like Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds – that story still makes me sad.

Ok… the canon firing was pretty cool.

William is looking old here. Where has his hair gone?

Harry was always adorable. I’m glad he was able to attend and participate like his brother despite recent drama.

For some reason the marching here looks off or awkward. Maybe it’s the fact that everyone is “socially distancing”.

Imagine choregraphing your own funeral. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I’ll never like Camilla. Nope. Just can’t do it.

The queen reminds me of my mum close to the end. She’s so tiny and hunched over. Women often lose height as they get older and spines tend to start hunching over. My mom was 4’8″ when she died.

Maybe it’s the lack of spectators that makes this awkward to watch. In a normal world, the palace would be surrounded by thousands of people.

Okay, we’re outside the chapel now. God Save the Queen is playing.

This reminds me of a funeral I played at for an RCMP officer. I had 6 officers standing behind me in full uniform for the entire service. It was pretty wild. One even read over my shoulder to read the music. I have a thing for uniforms. It was also wildly distracting.

Being a pallbearer is a great honour in most cases. But those things are really heavy. I’ve seen people drop the ends of caskets before. Cremation is a cheaper and easier way to go. It’s what I choose anyway. More environmentally friendly. Less shopping for the family to do.

My dad asked me to play for his funeral. I’m not sure I’ll be able to when the time comes. But he’s asked me for years.

You’re getting a glimpse of how my mind works. I’m all over the place.

Moments of silence before heading inside.

Soft organ music playing in the backround. Chapels like this have resident organists and non members are not allowed to play it. I couldn’t play at mums funeral. I did play Wind Beneath My Wings at her request during the reception. I still can’t listen to the song today.

I love choir music. It’s beautiful.

Okay, I think that’s enough for me on this. Going to just listen to the music and then get my day started.

What your thoughts on the royal events like funerals and weddings? Let me know in the comments.

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