It’s been three weeks! Condo update

Good morning dear readers. It’s 8:00 am here and it’s already shaping up to be a gorgeous day. I’ve had my first cup of coffee and bagel for breakfast. As soon as this is posted, I’m hitting the showers and will be walking over to the Dollar Store to pick up some cheap decorations for my condo.

Yesterday was a rough day so I took a break from all things social. The migraines are getting to me. And so are the dizzy spells. So, I wound up sleeping until like four pm. I’m still waiting for a referral to a neurologist. Yes, I’m on meds. No, they aren’t working. It’s time for some tests to make sure nothing serious is going on. Then we’ll re-evaluate what treatments we can do.

Because I slept all day yesterday, I wound up pulling an all nighter. Sometimes I need to do that to turn my schedule around. I’m wide awake now and tried to keep busy without making too much noise. I did some cleaning in the bedrooms, got the kitchen more organized and even got a new digital journal put up on Etsy.

I’ve neglected my poor Etsy store and am slowly getting back into designing. The more I workout, the more energy I have and the more I feel like creating. I’m getting back into digital art too and want to design things like book covers and templates for authors.

I took a break from cooking yesterday to eat up some leftovers. Today I’m thinking maybe a spinach quiche if my spinach is still good. It doesn’t last very long. I have some eggs, carrots and tomatoes I need to use up soon as well. My sister had given me FIVE meals worth of food on the weekend and it was so good.

She’s offered to come over this weekend and help decorate my balcony too. Something we can do outside. She’s looking for a rug for me and will be dropping off some dirt for the planters. I’m thinking I might try to grow some herbs this year. I’m not sure what kind of flowers though. It’s a bit early for that.

Decorating is coming along nicely. My living room is almost done. I’ve reached out to family and asked if they could all give me a family portrait of their own families so I can put the pictures on my shelves. I’m still waiting for my dad’s recliner which will go nicely with the carpet. I also am looking for affordable slipcovers for the red chairs. While I love the red color, they just don’t go with the carpet. I’m thinking cream or ivory or grey.

I’m kind of obsessed with the grey and silver theme this condo has going on. All the stainless steel appliances look sharp. And the bathrooms are coming along too.

I got my fireplace decorated last night. I kind of like having the family painting there. But I may hang that on the wall once I get enough family pictures. The blue figurines have been in the family for years and they are from Denmark.

I love the fireplace. I don’t have it on often, but it was so warm the night that it snowed. It will be awesome to have during winter months. The tiles are in pretty good shape too. This fireplace is kind of the central theme I’m going for. That slate grey, sky blue and silver colors.

My spare bedroom still needs some work. I just can’t figure out where to put everything. I’d really like to have a workspace so I can do some beading and painting again. I just love crafting in general. It’s therapeutic in a way. Keeps the mind quiet and gives my hands something to do.

The piano is set up and I have recorded a few videos for TikTok. I can’t believe I’m on TikTok.

One of the best things about this place so far is the view of the sunset in the morning. Unfortunately, the windows are dirty. I wish my balcony was facing this direction. But it sure is lovely to wake up to in the morning.

The photo doesn’t do it justice. I saw the sun just as it was peaking out from the horizon. I’ve never seen it up close like that before. It was gorgeous. And then I was blind from sun spots. So, there’s that. I can only imagine what the views are like from the fourth floor. Must be gorgeous.

And so, that’s where we are this Thursday morning. It marks the third week of living in this condo and I’m in love with it. It’s so quiet here. I hear plumbing noises once in a blue moon. Or creaks from upstairs but very seldom. Last night was a bit annoying as someone spent SIX hours cleaning the parking lot across the street. I’m hoping that’s a rare occurrence.

But otherwise. I love. Love. Love. My new home. I can’t wait to share the finished product with you for decorating. It’s like having a blank canvas to start with. And to begin a new way of life.

And in fitness news — I did my first round of situps last night. And again this morning! I’m back doing pilates even though my ball is pretty flat. I can almost kneel without any pain in my knees but getting up is still a challenge. So, progress!

Here’s a picture of my balcony. The only thing I don’t like is over looking the strip mall. However, I’m high up enough I don’t think people see much. Once the tree is in bloom it will give me a lot of privacy. I may have to buy a room separator to put out while I’m on the deck.

I even got brave enough to see what was on the other side. I’m not good with heights. It was a bit awkward to take a photo — I was worried I was going to lose my phone. I’m going to have to charge my camera up and take some real photos for you. I have a P900 which really captures the moon. It was too small last night. Maybe on the next full moon!

I can’t wait for the weather to be warm enough to explore the river valley from this end of town. Might have to take a friend with me. There are so many trees down here that’s it’s just amazing. I can’t wait to sky watch too. One of my favorite hobbies.

Well, it’s time for a shower and to get outside and enjoy this gorgeous spring day. It’s supposed to be plus 18! That’s amazing for this time of year.

Happy Thursday! What’s the world like where you are today?

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