Monday coffee thoughts – with pictures

It’s almost 2 pm on Monday afternoon. I finally crawled out of bed around 1 pm after another long night of zero sleep. This insomnia business is really starting to get to me. But I stepped on the scale and was excited to see that I had dropped a few pounds since moving in here.

I think that is mostly due to cooking my own food and exercising again. I overdid it with the weights yesterday and I’m feeling the muscle soreness today. I worked out for about an hour yesterday using the exercise ball and dumbbells. I’d like to invest in some more workout equipment – I just don’t have the money or the room at the moment. I’m looking at compact options like my mini desk cycle. It’s great for what I paid.

My sister dropped off enough food on Saturday for FOUR nights. She had offered up some turkey tarts like my mom used to make. I was surprised to see she included a ham mixture as well, a bag of turkey, AND another pie dish from a local restaurant that I will need to cook up tonight.

The downside to this was that I had taken a package of chicken thighs out of the freezer to defrost them. I knew I had to use them up so I whipped up a simple batch of breaded chicken last night while eating the leftover turkey tarts. They were delicious. My sister asked if they were as good as our mum’s tarts. How do you answer questions like that? I said, “Well, they were pretty good. I’m sure mum would approve.” Because honestly, nothing will ever be as good as mother’s love in the kitchen. Right?

She also dropped off a bag of new towels. I don’t know what I did to deserve this kind of spoiling. But hey. I’ll take it. I should have moved closer to the family years ago. It’s been nice to see them again even if it’s just dropping off supplies.

Chicken Dinner

I made what might possibly be the best chicken last night. I have to use it up tonight in some kind of recipe and will freeze the food for later on. The pie dish will last me a couple of nights. I’m trying to be more mindful of how much food I waste. Mostly because my budget is a lot tighter right now due to medical benefits. I need to make the money stretch far and wide. This is where batch prep and batch cooking comes in handy.

I used a simple recipe. I drizzled a baking dish with some olive oil, whisked an egg and some spices into the mix. Black pepper, salt, parsley, thyme. Lemon juice. The usual group. Dipped them in some breadcrumbs and voila. I cooked the chicken at 350F for 20 minutes. And it came out perfectly. It really depends on the size of your chicken thighs and breasts though.

The pan of course is a giant mess today even with using Pam spray. But it’s nothing my kitchen hose can’t take care of. I love this thing. I use it for cleaning everything.

Fourth Wave

Our province is entering what could be a forth wave with COVID and things are a hot mess. We have right wing folks protesting in mass numbers at churches and government buildings. People are jumping into traffic to try and off themselves on a weekly basis. The suicide rate has never been higher – there’s even daily jumpers at the bridge downtown. It’s a scary world right now. Almost like watching an end of the world movie. So, I’m trying to stay home as much as possible.

It also snowed a bunch yesterday which isn’t unusual for April. But it was just the icing on the proverbial cake. The kitchen lights started to flicker and I was a bit worried we’d lose power here. But all worked out okay.

Instead, I turned off the lights, turned on my electric fire place and enjoyed the warmth. I threw the comforter back on the bed and slept like a baby that night.

My new home

I’ve written a lot about my new home so I won’t go into much detail today. But it is starting to feel more like “home” rather than a fancy hotel. I still have some work to do with hanging pictures. I’m also waiting for a chair to be delivered – my dad’s recliner. And the music room is a mess. I have lots of bins to go through and see what I can give away. This includes FOUR bins of clothes. It’s crazy.

It feels good to sit at the piano again. I’ve started uploading videos to TikTok and am having fun with it. So, make sure to head over there and follow me. I also uploaded an album of 1 minute songs so people can use them as sounds! I discovered last night as I was learning how to use the app – that someone had used my songs in her videos. That was the pick me up I needed this week.

Two videos got nearly 700 views. That counts as ‘viral’ right? Oh who am I kidding myself. Anyway, make sure to connect over on Tiktok!

Enjoy your Monday. What are your plans and goals for the week ahead? Got any chicken recipes you’d like to share?

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