Fitness Challenge 2021 – update 1

So, I figured I should post a fitness update since it’s already April 10th. The one major thing that has changed for me in this challenge is being able to cook more. I’m back to working with healthy foods and vegetables. I’ve made many meals in the past week and have posted the recipes for you.

My sister just dropped off another bag of food for me. They had Easter dinner last night with their kids and had leftover turkey. She made me tarts – something my mother used to make and I love. I have three meals sitting in the fridge now that will need to be used up – so I get a break from cooking for a few days.


I’ve done 9/10 workouts. I’ve had a few bad days with migraines and pain in my knees. But today’s a good day. I took out the garbage this morning and walked around the parking lot. The weather has not cooperated for walks. It’s either been too windy or too chilly. It’s supposed to get better next week. I’m mixing up my routines between the mini cycle, and using the exercise ball. Even though the scale hasn’t budged, my clothes are starting to feel looser after just a couple of weeks.


My sleep is still off schedule. I was up most of the night last night and finally passed out around 5:30 am. I woke up at noon and got ready – or at least dressed to greet my sister. The migraines have been brutal this week. It could be the weather changes – spring is always a bad time. But I’m happy to report I haven’t had a cold or flu in pretty much a year. So, that’s a bonus, right?


As mentioned, I’ve cooked a lot this past week. Now that my kitchen has been set up and organized, I’m really enjoying it. I cooked a pork roast and roasted vegetables for Easter dinner. I used leftovers the next night. I’ve had pasta dinners. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Lots of kale to use. I have spinach, seafood, and all the leftovers from my sister to use up.

She bought me a delicious sheperd’s pie when I moved in and oh man. It was good. She just dropped off another similar dish and I’m looking forward to eating that too. I have some chicken thawing in the fridge and will need to use that up – so I will have lots to eat over the next week.

My new favorite breakfast is a bagel with cream cheese and a piece of turkey meat. Heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds and it’s delicious. Of course my breakfasts have been much later than usual so it’s more like lunch. I’m trying not to eat past 9 pm at night.

I’ve only ordered in ONCE since moving in here and that might be a record for me. In an effort to save money.

Life Goals

I find out early next week if my health benefits have been approved. If not, I have some major decisions to make. Do I appeal the decision? Do I bite the bullet and see if they can get me work I can do from home? My main concern is the migraines and my sleep schedule. I was hoping for another couple of months to try and get things back on track and lose weight. But we’ll see. Fingers crossed. I don’t think I can handle another rejection letter. I went through all of this last year.

That’s pretty much it for me for April goals right now. I’ll give another update in a couple of weeks. I won’t be sharing too many recipes given I have so many leftovers to use up. But stay tuned. There will be more!

Happy Saturday – what are your fitness goals?

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