Wednesday thoughts and morning coffee

Hello readers and happy Wednesday to you. I’m slowly getting back into a normal routine and hope to be publishing recipes and articles very soon. It’s been a whirlwind of a month and I’m grateful to be starting this next chapter of my life.

I love my new home. Even with the traffic outside, it’s so quiet right now.

I’m mostly settled into my new condo. I’m still unpacking but the important rooms are almost done. The kitchen is organized and currently being cleaned by a hired cleaner. The last family that lived here did not clean at all. So, she’s washing windows, blinds and giving the master bathroom and kitchen a good wipe down. Don’t even get me started on the oven. It was gross. I don’t think the family ever cleaned it.

Last night I picked up what was left of my things at the old condo. I was so disappointed. It was like a whole room of stuff. But I went through it all and most of it was garbage. I had one box to take home and still go through. It felt good to purge. I handed in my keys and made awkward small talk with my former landlords.

There’s bad blood there now because of the way the rental ended. But to be honest, I put up with my fair share of issues especially with the mice. I’m pleased to say that my unpacking here went smoothly and no mouse droppings were to be found. I’m loving being a clean and quiet building. It’s almost a little too quiet at times!

I love my kitchen though it’s taking a bit to get used to. I can’t wait to get to cooking. My sister dropped off a whole bunch of groceries on my first day year. Once the cleaner is finished up, I’m going to walk over to No Frills across the street and pick up a few things like kale, onions, and other fresh vegetables that I’ve missed cooking with.

I hated cooking at my old place. I hadn’t even used the oven in the last month due to the mice droppings. It was gross. I’ve used the oven here to heat up pizza so far lol. And my sister dropped off a microwave for me.

Let me talk a minute about family here. Wow. Living downtown, I barely heard from anyone. Two siblings live ten minutes from where I am – deep south. One lives about 20 minutes away while the other lives in Sherwood Park. Now that I’m closer, I’ve seen the one sister who is closest about four times since moving in.

She and her husband dropped off my bed and hooked it up. The next day it was groceries. They dropped off FIVE bags of food! Then it was the microwave. Today it’s leftovers and a shower curtain which I forgot to pack up. I told the landlord to keep it along with my curtains. They were cheap and I don’t have anywhere to hang them here.

My living room is mostly finished. I have to take out some boxes to the bins and start decorating. I’m also waiting for a chair delivery. My dad’s recliner. So once that’s all done, I’ll share some pictures. I’m debating on whether or not to order slip covers for my red chairs. They don’t go with the carpet so well here.

Carpet. Oh my god. I’ve missed having carpet. It feels so good on my feet. I’ll need to get a vacuum but the cleaner will take care of that for this week.

So, things are coming along here. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can start using my balcony. It’s semi private which is nice. I definitely will be planting some flowers this year. I just don’t know what kind. Something cheap anyway!

And now that I’m settled and slowly getting into a routine, fitness is my primary goal. I’m going to finish up those fitness trackers soon and will share recipes again. Tonight is either going to be chicken or pork roast. I just need a few groceries first.

I’m also excited to set up my piano and have a real studio again. I’ll be recording some music for Easter this weekend and will upload on my music channel. I’m also on tiktok so make sure to check out my music there too.

I’ll sign off for now and say – thanks for reading. Stay tuned for exciting content coming your way.

Cheers for now.

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  1. Lokesh Sastya says:

    Happy Wednesday 💐💐


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