This chapter I call, “new beginnings”

All right, all right, all right.

Things are moving along quite nicely and I am feeling more at “home” now that my computer is set up and my Wifi is finally working. Yes, you guessed it. Shaw Cable screwed up yet again. The tech tried blaming it on me or the jack but all it took was a message to the “dedicated” tech team and they got it working. So, that’s good news.

My sisters have been spoiling me rotten. I feel so loved. I’m one of those people that have a hard time asking for help. I can’t really offer much in return for help in terms of money, moving or lifting things. But wow. From dropping off a microwave, to installing a new bed in my room. And tomorrow, my other sister will be dropping off my dad’s recliner chair. It’s even been cleaned from top to bottom with a steam cleaner. It will look nice in here too.

It still feels like I’m staying in a really nice hotel. It will take a bit getting used to. I’m working hard to get rid of all the cardboard boxes. My bro in law just took a load of empty boxes to the recycling bin. So that was a big help. The bins are really close and unlike my old place – the parking lot is totally cleared. We have an onsite caretaker which really helps. The most important thing is –

I feel SAFE here.

And it’s relatively clean. Except for when I moved the oven today. I heard weird scratching noises behind the oven and thought oh no – a mouse got into the walls. But the landlord said he had heard it too and thought it might be the oven vent. There weren’t any droppings behind the oven – but there was a crap load of food. I nearly puked. So gross. He’s sending a cleaner here on Wednesday, and he said she can clean whatever I needed her to. So, first thing will be that oven and the windows.

The first night here – I was so tired and almost cried from the pain after the move. I hadn’t slept in about three days. I was so anxious about everything. My entire body screamed in pain. I slept all day yesterday with a migraine again. They’re getting really terrible. But what I did was crawled into the bath.

I haven’t had a bath in so many years. The bath at the old place was dirty and gross. You could see the caulking and it was poorly done. I mostly took quick showers. My feet were always dirty from the floors too. It felt like heaven climbing into this tub.

TWO hours I spent in the tub. It felt like I was washing away the negativity and stress from my old building. No one should have to live like that with mice. The management company sat on their asses for months without taking action. While in this place, it’s so quiet and well maintained.

And here it is two days later, my feet are still clean. That tells you something about that old place.

What do I love?

The quietness. Even with traffic in the background as I’m facing a main road, it’s like a dull hum and kind of soothing. Nothing like the dealership across the road. And this is peak traffic time – Saturday afternoon.

There aren’t any mice. Thank god. Not yet anyway. I don’t know what that scratching noise is but I don’t think a mouse could make that kind of noise. There weren’t any droppings anywhere and believe me, I have checked thoroughly. I’m on the 3rd floor so it’s unlikely that they would come up here. Also, I haven’t seen any evidence of mice in my boxes. It’s been two days, there would have been droppings for sure. If the landlord heard it before I moved in – then it’s definitely not anything I did.

I LOVE my kitchen. I can’t wait to get cooking. My only gripe is — the shelves are a bit weird. I can’t fit tall cereal boxes in. I might have to get some Rubbermaid containers for cereal or buy smaller boxes. I have tons of storage and just have to figure out where everything is going to go. Everything is stainless steel too – the oven, fridge and my new microwave. Landlord said he will be replacing the dishwasher soon.

And my new washer! Holy smokes. It’s high tech and digital. Took a bit to get to know the right settings but it does a great job. I don’t have to close the door between EVERY cycle. God I hated that old machine.

And tomorrow, I get my dad’s chair. I will have some help in rearranging furniture. Once things are unpacked, I will take some pictures.

As for the old place – I just said to my landlords, you know what. I’ll pay for the cleaning out of my deposit as long as it’s reasonable. I’m just done. My body can’t handle it. I have to go back and pick up my cleaning supplies and hand in my keys. And that’s it. End of story. The six year saga will be over and I can move on. And they can move on with their little boys and enjoy a tenant free life. No regrets. No hard feelings. We both wanted “out” last year.

So… that’s where we are. I went for my first walk yesterday – very short – but loved it. I’m excited to wander around and discover the nearby trails. Only about a ten minute walk.

Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on the fiasco with the movers. That’s worthy of a whole blog post.

And so, I’m signing off for now with this message.

Sometimes to get out of a rut, you need to make some hard changes. For me, it meant moving to the south side of the city and out of the downtown area where I have lived for nearly 20 years. I’m scared shitless what that will mean for work without a vehicle. But being close to family – was more important in the long run. It was necessary. Being isolated for an entire year impacted my mental health and physical health. And now, I can finally do something about it.

New life. New “year”. And next month marks my third anniversary with this blog – so I’ll have to work on it and make some changes too.

Happy weekend!

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