I am without internet. Thanks, Shaw Cable.

I love my new condo. It is so amazingly quiet. It feels like a giant hotel room to me.

Even traffic isnt so bad. I can sleep comfortably with the windows closed. My new mattress will take some time to get used to. Same the bed. I need to order some new sheets and a microwave.

But the downside???

I am without internet until Sunday!!!! Freaking Shaw Cable messed up and I have to have a tech out. So I am painfully writing this on my phone!!

I will be back next week. Once my kitchen is organized– almost there…. I can start cooking again and share recipes! My sister dropped off 5 bags of food for me! I have tons of chicken. Just need a few more cooking ingredients and we are good to go.

Once everything is unpacked, I will do a walk through video too. Everyone seems so happy for me. It is a huge change. I am now only ten minutes to my sister’s place and have seen her twice this week already.

Being close to family is what I need now. Dad is fading fast and we are losing him to dementia. I finally got to say hi to him today. I miss him dearly. He is only allowed 2 visitors but most of the time he is not having a good day.

So. I am trying my best to unpack even though the migraines and arthritis are killing me.

So many changes in such a short time.

Have a good weekend!

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