Happy Saturday — uh, Friday!

Oh come on people why didn’t you tell me it’s Friday still? Lol.

It’s 9:30 am this fine Saturday morning. I’ve been up and at ’em since 7:00 am after a restless night. Today is clean up day. Clean up and packing. I got a lot done late last night much to my neighbour’s frustration I’m sure. But I was not having a great day yesterday. This insomnia business is getting old.

It’s supposed to be EIGHT degrees today. 8! That’s warm for this time of year and I’m loving having the windows open to get some fresh air in here.

The condo owner just came in with the realtor for an evaluation. It took literally fifteen minutes. I washed the floors with vinegar so it’s a nice but strong smell. Today’s job is to pack up what’s on my kitchen table for donation. Then I need to go through my office and start sorting through books.

The mice are slowing down my progress. I’d like to pack up everything but the kitchen this week. I have a plan.

I get my keys on the 21st and get to meet the landlord in person. I met his sister for the viewing. Seems like a nice family. I also met the current tenants who are moving out this weekend and we didn’t have much time to check things out. But I fell in love with the building itself. And I’m so looking forward to having a fitness centre.

Today’s plan is to wash windows, get the office sorted. Get rid of the extra junk lying around. Next week will be to go through some of my boxes and see what else I can part with. I’m still finding things I forgot about tucked away in corners of my laundry room. I can’t wait to use storage in the new place. The laundry storage room is massive. It will fit most of my Rubbermaid and tote bins. Things like linens, Christmas decorations can be stored in there. Everything else is getting packed in boxes.

I’m still cleaning up mice droppings daily. They are finally sending out contractors in the next few days to seal up the place. Only six years too late. I wish they had done this in August when I first asked them. But whatever. As long as I don’t take a critter with me.

I was going to buy a new bed this week – but I think it will be easier to take my old one with me. And have the store pick up the old mattress when I get a new one. It’s out of necessity. I was worried about mice burrowing into the boxspring. But with the way I toss and turn during the night, and how much I sleep some days, I doubt they’re in it. I’ll check it on moving day in the morning. If there are signs of creatures living in the boxspring (ughhhh I want to scream), I’ll toss it. I want a grown up bed.

My Leon’s cheap recliner is getting tossed today too. It’s falling apart after just two years. I’m inheriting one of my dad’s recliners which goes along nicely with the new living room. I can’t wait to show you pictures. Especially of the electric fireplace!

So, on that note. I better get started. Junk removal comes in a couple of hours.

Happy Saturday!

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