I finally found a great home!

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m having my first cup of coffee for the day – and it’s delicious. I had planned on getting up early today but needed to catch up on some missed sleep. And so, it was another day in bed. I’m feeling good though and need to start getting things done on the condo for moving day.

Moving day is coming up so fast! I have so much to do! Like notify all the utilities, stop my mail, and get addresses changed on all my accounts. Now that’s a process in itself. Never mind finishing packing.

I’m trying to find an affordable cleaner that can come help at the end of the month too. This is proving to be challenging.

Did I mention I found a condo? My sister had found the listing for me and she approved of the area – lol. That’s all I needed to fall in love with the building. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures last night. We interrupted the tenants who were in the middle of having dinner. I felt so bad. But it was actually great to see people living there and that they seemed happy. I’m guessing the only reason they’re moving is that they need a bigger space. They had three people living there.

The male tenant seemed quite nice. He pointed out that the carpets in the hall had been replaced recently and all new paint on the walls. He was really happy with the maintenance and care overall. He even showed us how to use the elevator. Yay. An elevator. And my parking stall is great – it’s RIGHT next to the elevator! So my guests will be happy.

The area is lovely. It’s close to a park and the River Valley. Right across the street is a No Frills, a Subway, a liquor store, and a few other places to check out. It’s a short drive to Southgate mall or South Commons depending on where I need to go.

But more importantly, it has a fitness centre that’s open! I’m so excited to be able to walk a treadmill or use a bike daily. There are lots of places to wander and go for a walk. And they keep the area so clean too.

The other bonus – is a concrete foundation. This makes me happy. I’ll still hear some noises but for the most part, like my old building, unless the neighbours are playing basketball like they did during one of my dates lol….it will be super quiet.

And I have an electric fireplace AND stainless steel appliances.

I’m stoked.

But there’s so much left to do so I better get cracking! I’ll take some pictures once I’m in there and unpacked.

I’m hoping this helps me get out of my rut that I’ve been in. Both physically and emotionally. I need to get out of this neighbourhood and downtown in general. A much needed “fresh” start.

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