The mice are everywhere. I can’t win.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m up before noon. But not for good reasoning. Oh no. I wish it were. But once again, I was up ALL night dealing with. You guessed it. Mice. Only this time the buggers were…. In. My. Room. They were in my BEDROOM. And not just ONE bugger. No. It couldn’t be that easy. I saw at least THREE of various sizes. One was just a tiny baby.

This has been going on far too long. I hear constant noises in the night from the mice scurrying around in the walls. They don’t seem to care if I’m up and about at night time. Although, it’s fun to watch them run away when I scream each time I see one. Okay, it’s not really a scream it’s more like an “ahhh mother fucker”.

So, I was up all night cleaning. Chasing around mice. Threatening their miserable lives with a broom. Not like that would have done any good. But still.

At one point, I had the bastard trapped behind one of my moving bins (with a lid). I moved the bin. It was freaking gone. I had my eye and mini flashlight on it the whole time.

I swear I chased a baby mouse and it ran into my closet. I lost sight of it then. It just seemingly vanished. I shoved a couple of my tote bins hard into the wall. I thought it was hiding then at least that would kill it. But to my surprise, nope. No dead mouse.

At this point I don’t even care if I have to take care of a dead mouse. I just want them GONE. So I can pack and be on my merry way.

I really can’t fault my landlords. I should have tried harder and contacted pest control two months ago with the first sighting. But I thought just refilling the bait stations would help. How wrong I was. As I’m typing this, I’m hearing the mice gnaw on the fucking steel wool that the tech guy put in the other day. Nothing is stopping these guys. Even though it’s broad day light and scavengers are very nearby on the balcony.

I am just so fed up with this. So done. I just want to pack. Clean. And be on my merry way onto a new home and new life.

Oh my god the noise is awful.

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  1. Hilary Tan says:

    At least you aren’t dealing with roaches! I can’t….🖐

    My parents get the occasional mouse in the house. My dad says they’re cute. My dog kills them. They live out in the country where the occasional mouse is common. But an infestation is a whole other story…. it sucks that you have to live there meanwhile pay rent for less than ideal conditions.


  2. Wendy says:

    Yeah it is so gross. We have big trees here too so lots of wildlife in general like squirrels, which is going crazy right now at something, magpies, ravens, you name it.

    I just can’t believe they’re bypassing the steel wool and foil. I can’t do much more otherwise it could start a fire and that’s the last thing I need. So, I just really started cleaning, removed all the garbage and hope that will help.

    Up until this last few months, I only spotted the occasional mouse and droppings were reasonable. Must be a new litter here.


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