Beware of rental scams

I’m a little annoyed – okay, more than annoyed right now. I thought I would share this experience with you and some tips on how to avoid being suckered into a rental scam. There are so many scammers out there online that you have to really be careful when it comes to anything that deals with money.

As many of you know, I had my eyes set on a particular building that I’ve wanted to move into since 2017. My officemate at work had let me know her mother was looking for a good tenant for her condo. I fell in love with the unit the moment I saw it. I even met her mother in 2018 to discuss terms and conditions. We came to an agreement – verbally. I was going to move in March 2018.

Unfortunately, the woman who had been renting the unit messed things up for me. I can’t remember the details. She changed her mind last minute and decided to stay in the condo for another year. November 2019, I got a text from my friend asking if I wanted the condo but I had to say no as my lease wasn’t up until April 2020.

So, I accepted that my dream condo wasn’t meant to be. I postponed my move until spring 2021 which is coming up in a few weeks – and I still have not found an affordable condo to move into! I’ve legit been looking every day since November. Reaching out to people. Either they don’t respond – or they tell you “oh, that listing is no longer available.” So frustrating.

Imagine my surprise – in January 2021, I found a listing for the same building. The condo was on the 2nd floor but it looked super nice. I found a listing on Facebook and contacted the owner “Maria”. We chatted a bit and I said I would get back to her in February to see if the condo was still available. I messaged her a week ago. No response. I contacted her on another site. No response. Finally, last night, I sent her a third message on Facebook.

Me: “Hey Maria, I’m still interested in your condo for next month. Is it still available?”
Maria: “Yes, wonderful. When can you come see it?

We arrange for a viewing with my sister on Thursday morning who has been helping me with my search.

Me: “I just want to confirm the rent. When we talked in February it was listed at $1250. Is the rent really $1295? “
Maria: “Yes, it is.”
Me” What about the damage deposit? Is it still $1000?”
Maria: “Deposit is always same as rent. You can discuss the rent with the owners.”

This is where my spidey sense start kicking in. Excuse me?

Me: “I don’t understand. Your listing says the dd is $1000 plus key for $100. The original rent was listed at $1250. What’s the truth?”

No answer.

Me: “I thought I was talking to the owner. Who is the owner here?”

No answer. This doesn’t add up. I get tired of waiting.

Me: “Well, this is shady and I thought I was dealing with the owner.”

I didn’t apologize or anything. I just blocked her and reported her ad for being misleading.

I don’t know if this was a scam so much as being dishonest? All I know is that I’m pissed off. What a waste of time – and I’m glad I asked these questions before meeting “Maria” in person. It’s possible someone saw her for sale listing and created a fake listing. But still. Come on.

This post is already long so I think I’ll end there. The search for affordable accommodation contiunues. I’m getting annoyed at all the owners who leave postings up online even after the unit has been rented. It’s such a time waster.

On the upside, I made another sale on my Etsy shop. Hoping to get some more reviews. I think I’m going to take a break from my search and work on some new products.

Happy Tuesday. Is it really only Tuesday? It feels like it should be Friday already.

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  1. I completely feel you here. It’s the same situation in this region. There are bunch of ads but once you start dialing you realize 90% of them is a scam. So you waste your time and energy. I guess there’s no filter for this, but for people and agencies to get real.

    Hope you’ll find what you looking for dear, actually I know you will! 😀 Trust that something even better is waiting for you out there 🙂


  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks my friend! I should have moved in November. There were so many great listings then.


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