Mondays and Meteors

It’s Monday again. I have my first cup of coffee and lunch that was just delivered with my weekly groceries. The sun is shining. It’s above 0 degrees and the birds are singing. It’s amazing how much difference the sun makes. And the days are longer too — all good things.

I haven’t posted too much in the last week because I’ve been busy working behind the scenes and improving this blog. I’ve updated my fitness page and added more services that you can check out. I’m still having some issues with scheduling posts – they aren’t posting when they’re supposed to. So I might have to contact wordpress support for help there. Or it could be a bug. So, I apologize for those following the blog by email.

You can now book services with me! I’m offering readings and coaching sessions that can be tailored to your needs.

A regular reader let me know this morning she was having issues with leaving comments. I apologize for that too. I was trying to add a “members” only section for exclusive paid content but I guess I screwed it up! I’ve removed the plugins and you should be able to comment now. Let me know if there are still issues.

The search for an AFFORDABLE condo is still ongoing. We moved me dad a few days ago closer to me. I was hoping to move to his neighbourhood or nearby it – but no go. So many house rentals right now or basement suites. I’m just not into that. I’ve lived in lower level apartments before and we had nothing but issues with flooding and bugs. And after dealing with the mice in this place – it’s so gross – I just can’t do it. Also, elevators are really hard to come by!

You’d think that things like storage, in suite laundry and elevators were luxury items. It’s why I stayed here as long as I have. I either have to cut back to a 1 bedroom or bite the bullet and accept that I have to pay more for rent.

I’ve been working on products for my Etsy and Red Bubble stores. Sales are still low but I got my first review the other day – a 5 star review! It was a definite ego booster. I hope that the store will get enough organic traffic and regular sales to become a side gig.

I haven’t cooked. Like at all. Mostly because of the mice. I’m trying to keep the kitchen as clean as possible. I packed up some things yesterday that I don’t use to clear off the counter and cabinets. I haven’t had a sighting of droppings or mice in a couple of days. But that doesn’t mean they’re gone. I have traps literally all over the condo. Bait stations, snap traps and a bucket trap in the kitchen. And nothing. I’m using my stick vacuum every day to make it hard for them to eat. I’m hoping eventually they’ll move on. So, I’m sorry again. No recipes — but I am still looking for templates to use for my recipe book.

That’s it for news right now. I have a meeting this week over the phone to discuss options for work. I’ve accepted the fact that now I have a disability. Between my knee and the migraines and my age (I turn 44 this week) – I need to find a job that I can do from home, or that will allow some flexibility. I still have a bit more time for my medical leave to adjust to the new medications. Which by the way, my mood has improved by a lot – but I haven’t lost any weight. The doc said it will take up to six weeks to see progress. So we’ll see. Sleep is still out of whack. Some nights I don’t sleep at all. But then the next day I sleep sixteen hours.

So, with that – I’ll leave you with this cool video of the meteor shower last night. Pretty cool!

Someone better check and make sure that Clark Kent didn’t come down with the meteor. I’ve been binge watching Smallville. Heh.

Edit: I posted this before checking — looks I double posted today. Sorry about that!! I’m a bad blogger.

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