February updates and announcements

Good morning readers! I have some great news and changes to bring you this fine Saturday morning. It’s late Friday night as I type this but you’ll be reading this news with your morning coffee – at least I hope you are!!

I spent my Friday night working on the blog and have almost finished updating all the pages. I’ve got new content coming out soon and am working on several new article series. I also updated my services page – and you can now book customized coaching or motivational sessions. Sessions can be held via Skype (audio), Google Hang Out or on Zoom. Sessions will be held privately on a 1-1 basis and will be held vial audio to ensure your privacy.

Check out my new post layout below! I spent a lot of money upgrading this site with the business plan and elementor, and am making the most of it. If you scroll down to the very end of the page, you’ll find a donation box. Any amount you can afford to donate would greatly help to cover costs of this site. Or you can order one of many products from my THREE online stores.

Fitness and Weight Loss
I’ve wanted for a very long time to create a schedule for posting articles. Don’t worry – I will still offer my weekly/daily diary type of posts but really want to focus on more “niche” content for my newer readers. The health and fitness posts I wrote last year are still my most popular and are getting daily engagements. I’m excited to announce that I will be creating a series of posts with relation to fitness, weight loss and to encourage people to develop healthy “relationships” with food and exercise.

Check out my fitness page here. It’s been updated with Elementor. Isn’t it “snazzy”?

There’s a new tab on top of my home page for all my articles on relationships. I’ll be working on a new series on toxic relationships and behaviours. I’ve also, unfortunately, had some experience with cheating partners – so I will offer some advice on how to deal with the fall out. Other topics will include communicating with your partner, how to keep your relationship alive and will continue to give my thoughts on love and marriage.

Check out some of my older posts here

I have a new series planned for self-help related topics. Each week, I’ll pick a trending topic to cover and write an article on it. Topics will include toxic relationships, bullying and harassment in the workplace, the dangers of social media stalking and more. I’ve also decided to add coaching sessions for those who can’t afford to hire a psychologist or trained professional to help improve on communication or life skills. I am still looking into courses that I can take to become certified.

If you’re interested in booking a session – head on over to my self-help page to learn what services I have to offer. Payments can be made by paypal. 

Self-help coaching sessions for more info read here

Online Businesses
You may have noticed that I’m back on Etsy promoting digital products. I’m so pumped that I’ve had six sales in the last month. This is still a hobby for me and something I enjoy doing. I would really like to make this a viable business and make it a full time gig. As you know, I’ve been struggling with health issues and this is just something to help pass the time.

All my products are digital. I’ve published several worksheets and printable planners that can help you get your life organized. I am working on a few fitness tracking sheets and products tailored to fitness. I also opened up a Red Bubble store! You can now order art prints, mugs, stickers, pins, pillows and more — check out my links below!

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  2. Ohh. That could be why I haven’t had any comments! I’ll check into that. I tried setting up a members only section but must have screwed something up. Thanks!!

  3. I’ll have to check! These last few days I’ve been really busy, I finally get a break now 🙂 From the reader, I can see that he comments section is working now so that’s a good sign

  4. I think the members only section kicks out your followers lol the comments section and option to read your blog posts were no longer working, which might have explains why you weren’t getting comments.

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